United Kingdom of Creek and Lake

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United Kingdom of Creek and Lake
Coat of arms
Motto: In Pallidi Aquae Natamus In Caelum Volamus (Latin: In Pale Waters We Swim In Sky We Soar)
and largest city
City of Creek & Lake
Official languagesEnglish, Latin
Church of St Orr
Demonym(s)Lacian, Creekian
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional semi-elective monarchy
• King
• Prime Minister
Patrick Kenny
Establishment25 January 2019
• Establishment
25 January 2019
• Act of Union 2020
25 January 2020
• Second Act of Union
15 November 2020
• Independence from Cycoldia
1 May 2023
CurrencyLacian Pound
RIS 002 codeCS

The United Kingdom of Creek and Lake, referred colloquially as UKCL or Creek and Lake, is a self-proclaimed sovereign state, commonly known as a micronation to external observers. Located in the city of Houston in the State of Texas in the United States of America. It is completely landlocked within the municipal boundaries of the city of Houston.

UKCL is a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy, with King Arthur being the reigning monarch.

The capital of the nation and largest city is the City of Creek and Lake, which is both the cultural and administrative hub of the nation. UKCL has English as the official language.

The nation is divided into 20 ceremonial counties, with the capital City of Creek and Lake being an autonomous entity within the Royal County of Creek and Lake.

The United Kingdom of Creek and Lake was originally established on 25 January 2019 as the Sovereign Kingdom of Clear Lake, colloquially referred to as SCL. However, it was later merged with the Kingdom of Creek, colloquially known as KC, to form the United Kingdom of Creek as per the Act of Union 2020. Later, the Kingdom of Lake, colloquially referred to as KL, joined the United Kingdom of Creek to form the modern-day United Kingdom of Creek and Lake as per the Second Act of Union 2020.

The United Kingdom of Creek and Lake was a part of the Cycoldian Imperium until it declared its independence on 14 May 2023 and separated.


The names “Creek” and “Lake” are derived from the geographical landmarks within Harris County, the American municipal county in which UKCL is located.

Creek refers Clear Creek, a small river in southeast Texas, which channels much of the run-off in southeast Harris County into Clear Lake and Galveston Bay. Lake refers to Clear Lake, a brackish harbor that feeds into Galveston Bay.


The Sovereign Kingdom of Clear Lake (SCL) was founded on 25 January 2019, by three initial citizens of the nation, viz. Arthur Lacey-Scott-FitzLacia, W. D., Marquess of Lake and E. B., Countess of Clearcourt, all three going on to become Prime Ministers of the nation. The nation was established as a unitary parliament constitutional semi-elective monarchy, with the office of monarch to be elected every so few years. The initial land claim of the nation was the residence of Arthur Lacey-Scott-FitzLacia in Houston, Texas.

On 25 January 2019, the three citizens, with others, elected Erica Smith as Queen. On the same day, W. D., Marquess of Lake was appointed Prime Minister; E. B., Countess of Clearcourt was appointed Deputy Prime Minister, while Arthur Lacey-Scott-FitzLacia, Duke of Highwood was appointed to the ceremonial role of Earl Marshall, having been made Duke of Highwood the same day along with the other two. The nation organized for itself an initial cabinet and made preparations for the coronation of Queen Erica in October 2019. In the intervening period, Christina I, Summi Imperatoria of Cycoldia, later becoming Queen Christina I & II, joined the nation, espousing a wish to become involved in the micronational affairs of the burgeoning nation.

On 7 February 2019, the nearby territory of Lake was captured and raised to the rank of a petty kingdom by the name and style of the Kingdom of Lake. Christina Nowell was appointed as its first governing lord-lieutenant and charged with the administration of the territory. Later, on 14 March 2020, the territory of Creek was captured and too raised to the rank of a petty kingdom by the name and style of the Kingdom of Creek. Queen Erica now became petty queen of two additional territories.

On 31 October 2019, the Coronation of Queen Erica occurred, with Christina Hamilton Nowell being made Duchess of Watersborough the same day for services to the monarchy. However, on the same date, Prime Minister W.D., Marquess of Lake suddenly announced his resignation as Prime Minister, pleading before Queen Erica to appoint E. B., Countess of Clearcourt in his place, which action was duly undertaken.

In November 2019, the Cabinet, together with Arthur Lacey-Scott-FitzLacia, discussed proposals to unite the two territories together to form a new united kingdom. Prime Minister E.B., Countess of Clearcourt duly authorized a commission to discuss and prioritize such a measure. On 25 January 2020 by the Act of Union 2020, the Kingdom of Creek was joined with the Sovereign Kingdom of Clear Lake to form the United Kingdom of Creek. The Kingdom of Lake remained a subordinate petty kingdom still at this point in time.

United Kingdom of Creek

The period immediately after the formation of the United Kingdom of Creek on 25 January 2020 marked a period of inactivity in the nation. All three original founders, preoccupied with the intrigues of personal life, largely left the nation in inactivity till about 1 June. On that date, the three founders, together with the agreement of Christina Nowell, agreed to have her govern the nation as the next Prime Minister, with Queen Erica so complying with the same request. Subsequent to this, E. B., Countess of Clearcourt announced her retirement from politics, preferring to focus on her personal life and studies. W. D., Marquess of Lake later withdrew from government entirely, citing time commitment issues. Arthur Lacey-Scott-FitzLacia also retired for a sojourn, leaving the affairs of the state solely in the hands of Prime Minister Christina Nowell.

In early September 2019, Christina Nowell broached the subject of being eventually made monarch of the nation in place of Queen Erica, due to the latter’s wish to resign the duties of a monarch. Thus, Arthur Lacey-Scott-FitzLacia was called out of his sojourn and brokered an ensuing deal of power. Queen Erica would abdicate the Crown on 15 November 2020, with Christia Nowell assuming the Crown as Queen Christina I & II, the first regnal number indicating her status as Summi Imperatoria of Cycoldia and the latter that as the second monarch overall. On the same day the Queen Erica’s Instrument of Abdication was given, thereby vacating the Crown, the Second Act of Union 2020 was passed, joining the Kingdom of Lake with the United Kingdom of Creek to form the present day United Kingdom of Creek and Lake.

Government and Politics


The United Kingdom of Creek and Lake is a semi-elective constitutional monarchy, highly influenced by the monarchy in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. The highest position and authority within the nation is the monarch or sovereign, who discharges their powers with the consent of the people and the advisement of HM Government. The power of the Crown extends into the legislature, judiciary and executive sectors of the nation, though ordinarily exercises these powers under consultation with HM Government. The position of monarch is semi-elective as the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Creek and Lake has the sole authority to change or amend the line of succession (as it indeed has in the past). The monarch is the executive head of state as well as the head of government, for the government of the United Kingdom of Creek and Lake is formed in the name of the crown i.e. the monarch. The current monarch of UKCL since 14 May 2023 is King Arthur. The monarch is assisted by members of the Royal Family and HM Royal Household in carrying out ceremonial and constitutional duties.

The Prime Minister is the head of government of UKCL who serves as the principal representative of the monarch to HM Government. Any individual can be appointed prime minister by the monarch, though by convention the prime minister is usually the leader of a political party that commands a majority and has the confidence of the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Creek and Lake. The prime minister leads HM Government and forms a cabinet with the support of the various secretaries of state, minister, under-secretaries and other political and apolitical officials. The prime minister may either be dismissed either by the monarch (arbitrarily though this is against constitutional convention) or lose a motion of confidence from the members of Parliament. The current prime minister is Patrick Kenny, who was appointed prime minister following the expulsion of Avery Prasatik on 1 May 2023.

The Privy Council is constitutionally the most important body of officials who advise the monarch. Traditionally, the Privy Council would consist of individuals appointed by the monarch for their confidence and support, though by constitutional convention most individuals appointed to the Privy Council are members of HM Government who exercise the royal prerogative on behalf of the Crown. Senior politicians,  retired officials, members of the Royal Family and other influential personages are appointed to the Privy Council to provide non-binding advice to the monarch and to HM Government in exercise of their duties.


The legislature of the United Kingdom of Creek and Lake is a unicameral parliament consisting of two distinct groups i.e. Lords and Ladies Spiritual and Temporal and Commoners. Parliament is the sole law-making institution within UKCL and with whom final authority on all law rests. Lords and Ladies Spiritual and Temporal are those individuals either ennobled with a peerage or granted an ecclesiastical office in the Church of St Orr. A commoner is any individual who has neither been awarded a peerage nor an ecclesiastical office. Parliament’s main purpose is to formulate laws, propose budgets and bills etc. The prime minister is the Crown’s representative in parliament and acts as the leader of the house, i.e. parliament is theoretically under the control of the Crown as the Crown-in-Parliament is from which law is anciently derived from the Crown, though in the modern-day context this comes from the people and the democratic process.


The judiciary of UKCL follows a common law form of judiciary in which case precedents and court decisions guide judicial decisions rather than direct law-making process by Parliament. The judiciary consists of two main courts and two special courts each with varying levels of responsibility and privileges. The Royal Court of Justice is the supreme court of the land with the Royal High Court of Appeals acting as an appellate court and lower court at the same time. The Royal Court of Justice is led by the Lord Chief Justice who by tradition is also the Lord High Chancellor and several Associate Lords Justices. The Royal High Court of Appeals is led by a single Lord High Justice though may have associated judges appointed to contribute to decision making. The Royal High Court of Ceremonies is a special court dealing in issues specific to peerages, honors, Crown offices and heraldic cases. The Royal Court of Lake is a special court dealing with judicial matters relating to the territories and acquisitions of UKCL only. Though all individuals appointed to the various courts are done so by the monarch, the judiciary remains an independent body not aligned with politics or any other institution.