First Constitution of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia

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Constitution of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia

Authored by Christina I of the Royal House of Nowell


This nation rides upon the ideal that all men, women, and children shall have the right to live without having an imminent threat to stomp out their livelihood, and to force them to suffer. Under this said Constitution, the values of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia shall be penned to a paper for the first time.

Articles of Foundation

Article One

No acts against one’s mental state shall be permitted, such as verbal abuse when said victim has an ailment such as Depression. This also applies when it is a parental relationship.

1. It is not a valued excuse to use parental relationships as a reason.

2. This applies to all people, unless it is known that there is no illness at play.

Article Two

In the Grand Republic of Cycoldia the ideal of equality is important, as in that every person is equal (this applies upon reaching the age of 10). There shall be no allowed discrimination. Although you are permitted to deny service based on other purposes, such as them having an extreme episode in front of your other patrons.

Article Three

The death of the Summi Imperatoris is to be followed by their designated heir to take the throne and if there is none designated then it shall follow absolute primogeniture, and if the monarch has no children then it shall follow an succession of siblings before reverting to absolute primogeniture regarding cousins.

Article Four

The elections of the General Assembly may be manipulated only if it makes the popular vote more fairly symbolized, as then it would be in the well interest of democracy. Although the manipulation of voting must be viewed by the Court of Houston. As well as this, the option to vote for any citizen shall not be infringed by any means, although if a system of voting is not viewed as equal, then the Court of Houston is then Required to remove both the system and people voted into office by it. As well as this all elections are national, the number of people in the General Assembly shall also always be 10, unless enough people are not available. This also means that the Summi Imperator/Summi Imperatoria may not be involved in elections, other than endorsing candidates. This means that the citizens shall vote 10 times in each election.

Article Five

The educational system shall be under control of the Summi Imperator/Summi Imperatoria, although a third-party organization shall be called in to write textbooks, as well as this explicit lying, or retracting of important information is illegal, and any politician attempting to meddle inside of how the educational system is run shall be met with instant arrest.

Article Six

This Constitution can only be edited by the General Assembly consenting to the editing of the document.

Article Seven

Any department must be made by the Summi Imperator/Summi Imperatoria, the General Assembly, and the Chief of the Armed Forces. This is to prevent any department from being obsolete, or too powerful for the government to limit. Power over departments is given to the Chief of Staff.

Article Eight

The CSDF (Cycoldian Special Detainment Forces) shall never be disbanded or be controlled by anyone but directly by the Summi Imperator/Summi Imperatoria. This also applies to them being able to arrest anyone, as long as it is based on the law. They also may not hold their own trials, meaning that they must transfer all criminals to the Court of Houston.

Article Nine

The Court of Houston shall be the main court of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia, with the Summi Imperator/Summi Imperatoria being the Chief Justice of the Court, and the other 4 being selected be the Summi Imperator/Summi Imperatoria and confirmed by the General Assembly.

Article Ten

The said Articles of this Constitution are unable to be overturned, and all further editions shall be called Amendments. The only way to edit an Article is with 100% agreement from the General Assembly, Summi Imperator/Summi Imperatoria, Court of Houston, the Chief of the CSDF, and the Chief of the Armed Forces. As well, any power not granted or subtracted in this Constitution shall be given to the General Assembly or the Summi Imperator/Summi Imperatoria.

Article Eleven

The right of the people to have a fair trial presented shall not be infringed, this includes in the case of National Security. Although, any held court cases previous to this document are not to be held again. In addition to this the Court of Houston is not to be used for partisan matters, and all attendees are required to take an oath of non-partisanship, and a written agreement to not have their decisions be based on the ideals of them.

Bill of Glory

Amendment One

The General Assembly may not and cannot be fully and permanently dissolved. However it may be suspended in times of war, or if the nation is experiencing a time of unrest so dramatic and problematic that the Summi Imperator/Summi Imperatoria deems it necessary to temporarily suspend the General Assembly.

Amendment Two

All citizens have the right to limited speech, as long as it does not come into violation of any laws passed or Imperial Decrees. Although Duchies may choose their own laws against or in favour of free speech, and non-residential citizens will have direct rule by the federal government of Cycoldia.

Amendment Three

The right to Freedom of Religion may never be infringed by any government body, though it does not allow for acts taken due to the religion as long as no legislation impedes the ability to practice religion to a reasonable degree.