The Nowellian

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This is a puzzle created by the leader of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia as a competition for intelligence. With there being an unknown reward for the winner. It was created personally by Christina I, Summi Imperatoria of Cycoldia. To submit an answer DM "The Nowellian#6166" on Discord your answer. Or you can send your answer in an email to


This is all of the clues:

  1. "Grand Republic of Cycoldia"
  2. "Prasatik"
  3. "Everyone Falls"
  4. "Zeernebooch"
  5. "124 3 history"
  6. "7556"
  7. "BO $1.00"
A picture uploaded about the Nowellian, with no caption added to it on 8 November 2019 at 16:41 CST

Final Announcement

At 00:00 CST on the 20th of October 2019 the announcement of "The Final Clue has been released! The Prasatik Solution awaits!" and then a link to the MicroWiki page of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia.

Additional clues

On March 6 2021 the official Discord account of The Nowellian posted 2 more messages, saying "J2nx2. Vx i06 ih4 ifo4kbi 5vva i06 044d u2 8cjg o5nu4qp 470k lspu 6 nuyr. 0 1m7m 0 5lo u1o2 h05 b6e 40wd L61 LRq2 pqvJ ySq. AD6S Wks 3dO6xKx8vs 3B22cj x0hP B7 K7 Qe0q 24 5TpaU. iSeJIt4. 6v4w 3swuyq 0wop x6 f70 swwtpz t1 r15s9"[1]


The people to solve the Nowellian in order of solution:

  1. Abrams I of Ikonia (23 November 2019) (Though his award for it has since been rescinded)
  2. Aidan McGrath (17 February 2021) (Award returned by Aidan and rescinded by Cycoldian Government)
  3. Cassius Varrene (8 March 2021)
  4. Isaiah Burdette (20 July 2021)


The puzzle was created on 19 October 2019, it was created by Christina I & II and has only been solved by 4 people. It has been attempted to be solved by many micronationalists during its existence.


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