The Nowellian

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This is a puzzle created by the leader of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia as a competition for intelligence. With there being an unknown reward for the winner. It was created personally by Christina I of Cycoldia. To submit an answer DM "The Nowellian#6166" on Discord your answer. Or you can send your answer in an email to


This is all of the clues:

1. "Grand Republic of Cycoldia"

2. "Prasatik"

3. "Everyone Falls"

4. "The Spanish Inquisition"

5. "124 3 history"

6. "7556"

7. "BO $1.00"

A picture uploaded about the Nowellian, with no caption added to it on 8 November 2019 at 16:41 CST

Final Announcement

At 00:00 CST on the 20th of October 2019 the announcement of "The Final Clue has been released! The Prasatik Solution awaits!" and then a link to the MicroWiki page of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia.

Additional clues


The people to solve the Nowellian in order of solution:

  1. Cameron I of Ikonia 23 November 2019