Order of Eugene

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Order of Eugene
Order of Eugene Collar.svg
Awarded by the
Coat of Arms of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia.svg
Summi Imperatoria of Cycoldia
TypeState Order
Established18 November 2019
Awarded forHonour to the Summi Imperatoria of Cycoldia and the Royal House of Nowell
StatusCurrently awarded
Protector(s)Christina I & II
GradesProtector (OEP)
Grand Commander (GCE)
Commander (COE)
Knight (OEK)
Officer (OEO)
First induction18 November 2019
Total inductees2
Next (higher)Cycoldian Cross (Imperium)
Order of Merit (Cycoldia)
Next (lower)Order of Elswick

The Order of Eugene is one of the highest awards in the Grand Republic of Cycoldia, it was commissioned by Christina I to honour her grandfather, who died on 16 November 2019. She decided to create the award to honour him on 18 November, as she was quite close to her grandfather. As well the Order of Eugene is a highly respected order, only given to the closest people to Her Imperial Majesty. The ranks of Grand Commander and Protector are reserved to members of the Royal House of Nowell.


Name Nation Date Notes
HG Eugene Nowell  Cycoldia 18 November 2019 Awarded posthumously, namesake of order
HIM Christina I & II  Cycoldia 19 November 2019 Awarded as Summi Imperatoria of Cycoldia