Firefly Kingdom

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The Firefly Kingdom
Firefly National Flag.pngFirefly National Seal.png

Marching Forwards in this Backwards World!
"Ugoku, Ugoku"

Pax, WV, USA
Capital cityPax
Largest cityPax
Official language(s)Imanity-Go, Vietnamese
Short nameFirefly Kingdom
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
LegislatureThe Royal Council of the Firefly Kingdom
EstablishedJanuary 21st, 2018
Area claimed1.185km sq.
Population164 (as of 2019 census)
Currency$ (USD)
Time zone(EST)
National sporteSports
National animalBlack Bear

The Firefly Kingdom is a micronation in West Virginia. The Firefly Kingdom has gone through multiple past names, such as Elswicksia, but the name has finally been settled on the Firefly Kingdom. The nation was established originally under the name of Elswicksia on January 21st, 2018, then was annexed by the Martino-Elswicksian Kingdom for a very brief amount of time. The nation was officially re-established after Loli Queen Ekaterina declared its independence once more.

The Firefly Kingdom's government is a democratic constitutional monarchy. The nation is headed by the Loli Queen herself, and the government is mostly headed by the Prime Minister. It has a parliament called the Royal Council of the Firefly Kingdom which has 2 seats from each state, with each state electing their own representatives. Furthermore, the Royal Council is headed by the Prime Minister of the Firefly Kingdom, which is elected every 2 years.

The Firefly Kingdom has quite the isolationist foreign policy, only having partially open borders with the United States (mainly to keep the flow of traffic clean). Citizens of other micronations, however, must present a valid passport and entry visa if there is a border officer on duty (there usually isn't, there's only an officer on duty when the nation is under a national lockdown.) The Firefly Kingdom overall is kind of open with themselves and accepts new diplomats semi-often.



The Firefly Kingdom declared independence once more from the Martino-Elswicksian Kingdom on around September 25th, 2019. This day is now know as restoration day, which celebrates the restoration of Firefly independence. Independence was declared due to discontent with King Job, the head of state of the Martino-Elswicksian Kingdom. Though this event happened, Firefly independence day is still observed annually on January 21st.

The Dark Era

The Dark Era, also known as the Firefly Cold War Era, is an era that began on October 1st, 2019 and ended on December 16th, 2019. The era has saw a rise in Firefly patriotism, isolationism, and hostility towards other nations. This era also saw rise to a new alliance between the Firefly Kingdom and Martinia, named the Titanium Coalition. The alliance seeks to establish firm relations between the two nations in it and to contain the spread of vERSIFI throughout the micronational world.

Kaihō-sei to Risutora

"Kaihō-sei to Risutora" or "Openness and Reformation" is a governmental movement and era in the Firefly Kingdom that is similar to the Soviet "Glastnost and Perestroika". The movement saw economic, governmental, and foreign policy reforms and saw the Firefly Kingdom becoming more open and accepting to diplomacy with other nations more often.


The Loli Queen

The Loli Queen is always the de-facto head of state. Currently, there has only been one Loli Queen, whose name is Ekaterina. The Loli Queen is only replaced once the current one dies, which it is replaced with a child of the now dead Loli Queen's.

The Loli Queen also has full power over the government in emergency situations. Under the constitution, the Loli Queen is able to veto bills, command the military, and change the constitution with majority vote from the Parliament.

The Parliament and Prime Minister

The Royal Council of the Firefly Kingdom is the official parliamentary and legislative body of the Firefly Kingdom. It is headed by the Prime Minister, which handles what votes are passed through the Royal Council and handles most foreign visits. The Royal Council itself acts as any other parliament would, handling passing laws and changes to national structure.

Government Ministries

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs does exactly what it says. It handles Firefly foreign affairs and Firefly border control and admission. It is the ministry which hands out passports to citizens and official entry visas to foreigners.

The Committee for National State Security

The Committee for National State Security (The C.N.S.S.) is a civilian general intelligence agency headed by the Firefly Intelligence Director. The agency is an official part of the Firefly royal government as stated by the national constitution. As of December 8th, 2019, the existence of the C.N.S.S. is publicly known to the citizens of the Firefly Kingdom, but all operations headed by the C.N.S.S. are kept classified.

The Firefly Royal Police Force

The Firefly Royal Police Force is the judicial body and the official police force of the Firefly Kingdom. The task of the Firefly Royal Police Force is to uphold Firefly national law, to maintain sovereignty within Firefly borders, and to keep the Citizens of the Firefly Kingdom safe from harm.

Foreign Relations & Diplomacy


The Firefly Kingdom recognizes the following nations:

  • All UN Member States
  • Gaia
  • The Grand Republic of Cycoldia
  • Martinia
  • The Archduchy of Pennsylvania
  • The Crimson Socialist Republic
  • The Vancouver Island Soviet Socialist Republic
  • The Republic of New Westphalia


The Firefly Kingdom has good relations with the following nations:

  • Martinia
  • Gaia

The Firefly Kingdom has neutral relations with the following nations:

  • The Grand Republic of Cycoldia
  • The Archduchy of Pennsylvania

The Firefly Kingdom has bad relations with the following nations:

  • The Republic of vERSIFI

Border Policy

The Firefly Kingdom has a mostly open border policy, allowing open borders with the USA at all times as well as open borders with other nations at certain times. In times of non-open borders, citizens of other nations that are NOT the USA must present a valid passport and entry visa to the current border officer present. If there is no border officer present, the borders are closed. Foreigners may apply for a visa on our website. (Currently not existant)

Foreign Policy

The Firefly Kingdom has an semi-isolationist foreign policy, which it calls "Zerotoreransuporishī", meaning "Zero Tolerance Policy". It only interacts with nations that have become registered with the Firefly Department of State, which can be done by submitting a diplomatic registry form to the Loli Queen. The kingdom currently has zero embassies and is represented in 2 nations, being The Republic of Gaia and Egan. Overall the national policy on foreign nations is "Nation first, allies second."

The Firefly Kingdom also has a recognition policy, in which it will only recognize nations which have a significant diplomatic, cultural or speaking presence within the Firefly Kingdom.

Culture & Geography



The Imanitish Alphabet

The Firefly Kingdom's first official language is Imanity-Go, which can be either Japanese or English written in the Imanitish alphabet. The language is actually inspired by the anime No Game No Life, which is popular among citizens of the Firefly Kingdom and makes up quite a bit of the Firefly culture's inspiration.

The Firefly Kingdom also has a second official language, which is Vietnamese. The language is spoken by the royal family of the Firefly Kingdom and by other ethnically Vietnamese citizens. However, the language is not used often, only being used on signs and in communication on special occasions.

Society and Traditions

The South Vietnamese flag is an official cultural and societal symbol of the Firefly Kingdom

Firefly society is based around family and fellowship, like traditional Asian cultures. The societal culture is overall based around traditional Vietnamese culture and traditions, with the citizenry celebrating most traditional Vietnamese holidays as well as Firefly holidays. The South Vietnamese flag is also well respected amongst the people of the Firefly Kingdom, as part of the royal family had fled there from the communist North Vietnamese government. Overall, Firefly society and traditions are based heavily around the culture and traditions of the Vietnamese, with some if its own culture in the mix.


The Firefly Kingdom is located in the Allegheny Plateau region of southern West Virginia. The land is not very flat and has many hills and mountains, as well as large amounts of forests. There is one river running through the Firefly Kingdom which the world knows as Paint Creek. All in all, the Firefly Kingdom shares pretty much the exact same geographical features as West Virginia.