Ekaterina Elswick

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Reizei's Messenger,
Ekaterina Elswick
Sleepy Queen of the Firefly Kingdom
Assumed office
21 January 2018 - 26 September 2020
27 January 2021
Eternal Leader Mako Reizei
High Constable of the CSDF
In office
17 May 2019 - 23 July 2019
Summi Imperatoria Christina I
Prime Minister Kristopher E.
Chief Marshal Hayden Lenard'
Predecessor Office Established
Successor Unknown
Regent of Cycoldia
In office
November 2020 - 23 February 2022
Summi Imperatoria Christina I
Prime Minister Avery Prasatik
Chief Marshals
See list
Predecessor Kleinmann Kümmel
Princess of Cycoldia
(Non-Peer Princess)
In office
23 February 2022 - 5 March 2022
Summi Imperatoria Christina I
Prime Minister Avery Prasatik
Chief Marshal Latrunc Italio
Personal information
Born June 26, 2006 (2006-06-26) (age 16)
Pensacola, Florida, USA
Nationality American Firefly
Ethnicity Vietnamese American
Religion Unaffiliated
Military service
Nickname(s) Kat
Allegiance  Cycoldia
Service/branch CSDF
High Command
In service 2019 - 2019
2020 - 2022
 ? - Present
Rank (CSDF) High Constable
(GRC) Regent
(AFJROTC) C/1st Lieutenant

Ekaterina Elswick CIC EIP OOC is currently the Sleepy Queen of the Firefly Kingdom. She was previously considered a Cycoldian noble, before renouncing her Cycoldian citizenship, and, subsequently, her noble status on 5 March 2022.

She was the former High Constable of the CSDF and had served in multiple Cycoldian offices before her removal from Cycoldia at the time. She then returned and was then soon appointed as the Regent and was awarded with her Order of Elswick, of which she is the namesake, and the Order of Christina I.

Personal life

Ekaterina was born in 2006 in Pensacola Florida, later moving to Pax, West Virginia. She later came out online as transgender and uses her current name. She met Christina I while both of them were in the League of Micronations and became friends. That continued, as Ekaterina as well gained multiple Cycoldian positions, becoming High Constable of the CSDF. She later then was removed from post later that year. She is an advocate for LGBTQ+ Rights, mental health awareness, equality for all peoples, for personal rights, and against mental hospitals.

Medical Complications

On 14 April 2021 the official Twitter account of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia released that she had been hospitalised on 12 April 2021 following complications with blood pressure.[1] She was later released on 18 April 2021 from the hospital.[2] She as well has stated that she has BPD and that she often struggles to cope with the personality disorder.[3]

Micronational career

Ekaterina founded the Firefly Kingdom on 21 January 2018 in Pax, before then changing it to the Martino-Elswicksian Kingdom for a while, until then restoring the Firefly Kingdom on 25 September 2019. She later became a delegate to the League of Micronations, and stayed one until it's dissolution. During this she became the High Constable of the CSDF until July of that same year. Over a year later she returned to Cycoldia, staying as a citizen of the nation. Then on 2 November 2020 she became the Regent of Cycoldia, taking on the style of Her Royal Highness.

Later, on 5 March 2022, Ekaterina decided that it was not in her interest to associate with the state of Cycoldia, relinquishing her citizenship status and also stripping Cycoldia's leader, Christina I, of any titles held in the Firefly Kingdom. This came after a fallout with Christina, one which will not be reversed by Ekaterina, as she refuses to do so.


Visual of Awards

Ribbon bars of Ekaterina Elswick
Ribbon of a Knight of the Order of Nowell.svgRibbon of the Order of Christina I.svg
Ribbon of the Order of Elswick.svgOutstanding Organisation Ribbon.svgGrand Commander Grade Ribbon of SOGH.svg
Good Conduct Ribbon.svgRibbon of the Cycoldian New Years 4.svgHealth and Wellness Ribbon.svg
Longevity Ribbon.svgRibbon of the IBE.svgPatriotic Flag Ribbon.svg

Breast Stars of Ekaterina Elswick
Breast Star of the Order of Christina I.svgBreast Star of the Order of Elswick.svg

List of Awards




Strength doesn't bring victory, intelligence does

— Ekaterina Elswick in a speech, 2019

And if I die tonight, my casket will not be draped with the flag of my country which I so love, but rather covered in seeds, so at least my life will have meant something to the Earth.

— Ekaterina, in a private conversation about ending her life, 2022


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