John Churchill

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John Churchill
Secretary of State of the Federated States
In office
23 September 2014 - 1 June 2015
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office disestablished
Personal Information
Nationality American, Mercian
Residence Texas, USA
Religion Catholicism

John Churchill is the co-founder and former Secretary of State of the Federated States, a micronation established alongside friends Henry Twain and Brandon Wu. Unlike his two counterparts in the Federated States, he refused to establish a successor state, instead becoming a citizen of the Kingdoms and Lands Represented in the Council of the Triarchal Crowns of the Disciples, also known as Mercia. He was also, briefly, a citizen of the Atlantic Commonwealth and Democratic Republic of the Quetican Islands, both projects spearheaded by Henry Twain.

Churchill was a longtime member and, at one point Deputy Leader of, the National Liberal Party of Mercia, before he lost interest in micronationalism. His permanent departure from micronationalism was declared by Twain in August 2016.

Micronational career

Churchill was first introduced to micronationalism by long-time friend and then-President of the Republic of Concord Henry Twain, proceeding to join the Federated States of America only several days after Twain and Brandon Wu, as Secretary of State. Churchill was considered the "third man" in charge up until the resignation of Brandon Wu as Vice President, at which point he was presumably second, pushing extensively for such projects as an educational YouTube channel (said topic became highly divisive). Following the collapse of the Federated States and the establishment of Esse and Galveston by Twain and Wu, respectively, Churchill refused to establish his own micronation, instead opting to be the first to join an external micronation, becoming a registered citizen of Mercia.

Throughout 2016, Churchill became more prominent in Mercian politics as a member of the National Liberal Party, steadfastly pushing the party's agenda (in a contrast to Wu, who was a prominent member of the People's Democratic Party). Despite this, Churchill's activity rapidly declined in July 2016, becoming considered one of the most inactive members of Parliament. Following his trip with Twain (who at this point was also a Mercian citizen) to what was formerly the Democratic Republic of the Quetican Islands, Twain notified the Mercian citizenry that Churchill did not intend to return to micronationalism.