Acts of the Parliament in Abelden

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Acts of the Parliament in the Abeldane Empire are laws passed by the Reichsversammlung and by the Monarch. They are the primary means of legislation in the Empire and can overturn any other law (including previous Acts of the Parliament) except for the Constitution.


Acts of the Parliament are either proposed by the Monarch, MPs of the Reichsversammlung and the Abeldane people through the Reichsversammlung. A plebiscite is held by the Reichsversammlung or the Monarch for approval to the people and after the plebiscite a vote is held in the Reichsversammlung by the MPs to whether decided on approving the law or overturn it, although this method has never been used and this step is obsolete, and lastly the Monarch approves it for consent. If the act is approved by the people yet opposed by the Monarch, the Monarch may be able to overturn it. The Monarch may also be able to create acts then enact them without the approval of the Reichsversammlung, hence voting of the bill in the Reichsversammlung is not necessarily required for it to pass but rather deliberation of the bill is important for the Monarch to consider him/her to enact it.

The acts are printed on a material version and signed by the Monarch and sealed. Currently all Acts of the Parliament are kept in Pleston. Only one Monarch has ever enacted acts: Stephen I & II and no other Monarch before has enacted their own Acts of the Parliament. All acts are dated in both Gregorian and Julian dates after the Standard Calendar Act was enacted. All Acts of the Parliament either have a year on their titles or not (e.g. Name Act 2016) and years are only usually added if it is not the second time the act has been legislated.

Acts of the Parliament commence with the following: Be it enacted by the Emperor's most Imperial and Royal Exalted Excellent Majesty, by and with the consent of the people of Abelden and all members of this Reichsversammlung, in this present Reichsversammlung assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:

Code of the Abeldane Empire

Pre-reform Acts


  • Act 1 (Orders of Chivalry Act) - 6 June 2014


  • Act 2 (Calendar System Act) - 7 January 2015
  • Act 3 (Name Act) - 10 January 2015
  • No Act 4 and 5 as the numerical order system was ruined and had to start with 6
  • Act 6 (Elections and Terms Act) - 6 March 2015
  • Act 7 (Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Act) - 6 March 2015
  • Act 8 (Succession Act) - 6 March 2015
  • Act 9 (Neutrality Act) - 4 August 2015
  • Act 10 (Name Act - Reenacting and reaffirming of Act 3 - Name Act 2015) - 9 August 2015
  • Act 11 (Electoral Reform Act 2015) - 19 August 2015 (Repealed on 27 December 2016)
  • Act 12 (Name of Legatia Act) (Now an Act of Parliament of Legatia) - 1 September 2015
  • Act 13 (Personal Union Act) - 13 September 2015
  • Act 14 (Disabled Abeldanes Act) - 19 September 2015
  • Act 15 (Constitution Act) - 5 October 2015
  • Act 16 (Legatia Act) - 28 October 2015
  • Act 17 (Imperial Titles Act) - 30 November 2015



Acts passed in 2017 and afterwards are no longer numbered