Monarchy of Rai

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Grand Duke of Rai
since 30 June 2017
StyleHis Majesty
Heir presumptivePrince Kaj
First monarchAngelo I
as Grand Duke of Bergendorf
Formation30 June 2016
as the Grand Duchy of Bergendorf

The Monarchy of Rai (Sabian: raikuragi ra) is the institution that compromises the Monarch of the Grand Duchy of Rai and the entire Grand Ducal Family. The constitutional title that the monarchs holds - Grand Duke for males and Grand Duchess for females. The current monarch of Rai is Tarik, who ascended to the throne on 30 June 2017, following the abdication of Grand Duke John Smith. The current royal family is the House of Karjasari, which also reigns in Sabia and Verona; the House of Hasaraši was added to the grand ducal line of succession in 2019.

Rai is an absolute monarchy in which the Grand Duke holds the entirety of political and institutional power. The figure of the Grand Duke concentrates the executive, legislative and judicial power, which is exercised through Grand Ducal Decrees.

Powers and duties

The Charter of Rai, adopted in 2020, codified the extent of the Grand Duke's powers. The Rai monarch has ample executive, legislative and judicial authority, as the Charter states that "from Them originate all state powers in the Grand Duchy." The Grand Duke may delegate some of their political power to a Seneschal to and aid in everyday governance; the Seneschal, in turn, appoints a number of ministers to the Cabinet of Rai, which collectively exercises the Grand Duke's authority.

Legislation in the Grand Duchy is passed in the form of Grand Ducal Decrees, which must count with the Grand Duke's signature and seal and must be published where all Rai citizens can readily access them in order to be valid. The Grand Duke may also allow the establishment of a Bok, or consultative assembly, to give advise and counsel in matters of governance, should the monarch see it fit or due to a growth in popular "demands".

The monarch has more duties than this; listed here are important powers and duties of a monarch. As a federal monarch, the Monarch has also restrictions on legislating laws or enacting decrees that contradicts federal laws or decrees enacted by the Emperor.

List of Monarchs

No. Name
Portrait Reign House Notes Title
Reign start Reign end Reign duration
1 Angelo
anħelo geolinn
born 2001
30 June
29 August
60 days Geulin Abdicated. Grand Duke of Bergendorf
baraibarág bergenndorinn
2 John
John ħaokinn
born 1997
29 August
30 June
305 days Smith Moved capital to New Kent.
Grand Duke of New Lviv
baraibarág kirelavo
3 Tarik
tarik kodavái karjasari
born 1999
30 June
present 2489 days Karjasari Moved capital to Batori. Adopted the Charter of Rai and established the first Bok. Grand Duke of Rai
baraibarág ra


The ruling dynasty of Rai is the House of Karjasari, which also reigns over Sabia and Verona. The rules of succession of Rai follow absolute primogeniture starting from Ħankarlo Nedavái Karjasari (1923–2007). To expand the line of succession further, the Grand Duke added the House of Hasaraši as a cadet branch in 2019. The following is the current line of succession to the throne of Rai:

  • Ħankarlo Nedavái Karjasari (1923–2007)
  • (4) Prince Ískandu Hasaraši (b. 1966)
    • (5) Prince Manu Hanavái Hasaraši (b. 2007)
    • (6) Prince Emru Hanavái Hasaraši (b. 2011)
    • (7) Princess Avra Hanavái Hasaraši (b. 2012)


The Monarch is addressed as His Royal Highness and he or she is informally called as the Grand Duke or Your Royal Highness. The female equivalent would be Grand Duchess and the family of the Monarch is called the Grand Ducal Family. Below is the full title of the Monarchs of Rai:

His Royal Highness
Tarik Kodavái,
Grand Duke of Rai