House of Hasaraši

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House of Hasaraši
CountrySabia and Verona, Rai
Parent houseHasaraši family
Orasune family
TitlesKing of the Valtirians
Prince of Rai
Current headVeloái Hasaraši (nominal)
Tarik Karjasari (de facto)
Founding2018 (added to Book of Electors)
EthnicityMestizo • Valtirians

The House of Hasaraši (Sabian: agsidái hasarašo) is a Valtirian noble lineage and house of electors claiming its descent from Veloái Hasaraši, grandmother of King Tarik of Sabia and Verona. It was officially founded in 2018 when it was added to the Book of Electors, the Valtirian monarchy's official record of Sabioveronese noble lineages. Among those who claim their descent from the Hasaraši lineage are King Tarik himself, through his father (though nominally Tarik belongs matrilineally to the House of Kârjasary). In 2019, the lineage was added to the succession of the Grand Duchy of Rai, starting from Ískandu Valoavái Hasaraši; this was later codified in the 2020 Charter of Rai.[1]

The House of Hasaraši descends from the broader Hasaraši family, which has lived scattered across Venezuela for generations and ultimately descends from Spanish settlers (criollos) in the Americas and Venezuelan indigenous peoples.


  • Išomariam Hasaraši (1908–?)
  • Bertu Karolinvái Orasune (1913–?)
    • Valoái Bertuvái Hasaraši (born 1944)
    • Ħanramu Vetu (1940–2014)
      • Annamariam Valoavái Hasaraši (born 1964)
      • Gotavu Rui (born 1959)
        • Mariam Annamariavái Hasaraši (born 1986)
          • Ħanandru Mariavái Hasaraši (born 2003)
        • Bašán Annamariavái Hasaraši (born 1991)
      • Ískandu Ravel Valoavái Hasaraši (born 1966)
      • Koda Batriš Karjasari (born 1965)
      • Ħanna Amarág (born 1981)
        • Manu Ħannavái Hasaraši (b. 2007)
        • Emru Ħannavái Hasaraši (b. 2010)
        • Avra Ħannavái Hasaraši (b. 2012)

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