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Bal Prefecture
vaonakurói balinn

Ars et Vita
(Latin: "Art and Life")

Location of Bal in Sabia and Verona
CountrySabia and Verona
GovernmentPrefecture in an autonomous region
- PrefectJosé Valladolid (Liberal)
Population8 (2015)
Time zoneUTC-4:30

The Bal Prefecture (Sabian: vaonakurói balinn, archaically spelt as Bál) is a prefecture in the North of Sabia and Verona. It was formerly known as Aguasblancas (Sabian: aneinoa) until 2014, and it was the largest region of Sabia and Verona until most of its territory was given to the Elinore and Abrelia prefectures.

It has a total associated population of 8 citizens. It's the only prefecture in the Region of Sabia without associated human citizens. It borders Elinore to the West, the Lycene prefectures of Vaaitos and Highanas to the East, the Veronan prefectures of Tegula and Abrelia to the South, and Venezuela to the North.

Its former name, Aguasblancas, means "white waters" in Spanish. Its former Sabian name, Aneinoa, comes from the Old Sabian words anej (white) and noa (river). In Pashqar, it was known as داحعلهکی کاشی (Däh'leki Kashi; "white waters"), although it was more commonly called فارکاشی (farKashi; "the Waters"). These names are all inspired by the rainwater that usually floods the city of Alcabala during the rainy season, which often turn white due to the chemical waste that abunds the region. Its current name, Bal, is a historical name for the region of Sabia and Verona, dating from the time of the Czean State.


As a prefecture, Bal is directly administered by a democratically elected prefect, or mayor. The one-person prefectural government is subordinated to the regional government, in the case of Bal, the government of Sabia. The Prefect of Bal is José Valladolid, of the Liberal Party.

List of leaders

Name Started Ended Party Notes
Oliver Pondstone 18 October 2012 1 June 2013 Socialist Mayor / Lieutenant Secretary
Eliana Muumsen 1 June 2013 4 August 2015 Socialist / Left Lieutenant Secretary
Paula Lapette 4 August 2015 21 April 2017 Left Lieutenant Secretary
José Valladolid 21 April 2017 present Liberal Prefect