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Formation 2012
Legal status Hybrid state-owned/private company.
Purpose/focus Graphic design
Headquarters Kotavari, Gonn
Region served Sabia and Verona (primarily)
Head Editor Tarik Kârjasary

RA&V Artworks VM[n 1] (which stands for Remshêj Akenisê & Vensárite; "Royal Graphic Arts and Design"), styled as ra&v and formerly known as Demon.ink is a Sabioveronese firm dedicated to graphic design in micronationalism. It is registered under Sabioveronese law as V.M. or "identified group". The group is considered a hybrid fourth-type organ and private company, as half of its shares belong to the Sabioveronese government while the other half belongs to the Royal House of Sabia and Verona.

Many ownership and attribution problems have been given through the history of Inðurkrær þårnakul and Demon.ink, thanks to the fact most artwork created "by the group" was in fact created by its CEO and Head Designer, Tarik Kârjasary. Because of this, artwork created by Inðurkrær þårnakul was usually copyrighted under Artaghean law as the group's work.


Logo of Demon.ink.

What is now known as RA&V Artworks was originally created in Artaghe as "Inðurkrær þårnakul" (Artaghean language for "Industrial magic") by Tarik Kârjasary, registered as a "sjálfåll hárpur" (S.H.), and it was kept active following Artaghe's dissolution. The original group designed, among others, the logo of the Union Congress for the Development of Artaghean Studies (SOAS); the logo of the Workers' Best Party; the exterior design of the passports of Austenasia and Palasia and a book cover of the SOAS Artaghean dictionary, those being the most relevant at the times of the Artaghean Union in mid-2012. After the fall of Artaghe, the firm was renamed Demon.ink.

With the foundation of Sabia and Verona, the group was re-registered and set in motion once again. In 2015 the group became a half-government owned, half-privately owned group under the name of RA&V Artworks (which stands for Remshêj Akenisê & Vensárite; "Royal Graphic Arts and Design").


RA&V specializes on campaign designs, vexillology, heraldry and cartography.

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  1. VM: Vetha masherik; "identified group"