Human Division (Sabia and Verona)

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Human Division
Logo since 2020
Division overview
Formed28 May 2020
Preceding Division
JurisdictionSabia and Verona
Bartolucci 100, Alios
Minister responsible
  • Suipom Goyo, Secretary of Human Affairs

The Human Division (Sabian: valitrañ) is one of the divisions (ministries) that make up the government of Sabia and Verona. It deals with matters pertaining to Sabia and Verona's human minority. Humans, known in Sabian as vali, make up a little over 11% of Sabia and Verona's total population, and don't count with any form of corporate representation in the Sabioveronese state beyond the Crown, whose bearer is constitutionally mandated to be a human citizen.[1]

The division was formed in May 2020, in the 13th government formed by Apollo Cerwyn, reportedly as a result of the government's response to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic;[2] Alongside the Northern Division, it is one of the only two new government divisions created since the Constitution of 2015 was adopted.[2] the first and current secretary of human affairs is Suipom Goyo, former governor of Gonn and secretary of defense.

The Division counts with responsibilities previously attributed to the Justice Division and Welfare Division.

List of responsible secretaries

Portrait Name Term of office Party Prime Minister Ministry Ref.
Suipom Goyo
MP for the Gonn List
28 May
Incumbent Democrat Cerwyn 13th [2]