Sabioveronese general election, 2020

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Sabioveronese general election, 2020

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All 21 seats of the Parliament
11 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party
Leader Apollo Cerwyn Shounn Virny
Party Democratic Party (Sabia and Verona) Liberals (Sabia and Verona)
Leader since 10 May 2016 30 June 2019
Leader's seat Alios Gonn
Last election 12 seats; 55.56% 9 seats, 44.44%
Seats won 13 8
Seat change 1 1
Popular vote 32 20
Percentage 59.26% 37.04%
Swing 3.7 p.p. 7.4 p.p.

Prime Minister before election

Apollo Cerwyn
Democratic Party (Sabia and Verona)

Prime Minister after election

Apollo Cerwyn
Democratic Party (Sabia and Verona)

A general election was held in Sabia and Verona on 24 May 2020 to elect the members of the 6th Parliament of Sabia and Verona (atanói), with all 21 seats in Parliament at stake.

The Democratic Party (HG), led by Prime Minister Apollo Cerwyn, won the highest percentage of the vote with 59.26% (and over 60% of all positive votes), increasing its vote share by 3.7 percentage points from the 2019 general election and receiving the most votes of any party in any election since the National Artists' Guild's victory at the 2015 general election. In contrast, the Liberals (J), led by Leader of the Opposition and former prime minister Shounn Virny, achieved their worst result since March 2014 with only 37% of the vote. Voter turnout reached 88.52%, the lowest since the before the execution of Haronos.

Having surpassed the threshold of 12 seats necessary to form a government, Cerwyn and the Democrats were able to form the 13th government of Sabia and Verona, confirmed at the inaugural session of the 6th Parliament held on 28 May 2020.

Electoral system

Since 2017, following the adoption of a new constitution, the Sabioveronese Parliament has used a party-list proportional representation system with two multi-member legislative districts corresponding to the geographical boundaries of the City of Alios and the Gonn Region, the two administrative regions of Metropolitan SiV. The last amendment to the present electoral law has set the number of MPs to 21: 9 for Alios and 12 for Gonn.

As all other electoral processes in Sabia and Verona, the 2020 election will be organized and overseen by the Electoral Commission (iderobók), an autonomous organ whose existence was mandated by the 2017 constitution. Since 2017, the president of the Electoral Commission has been Maximilien Gauvier.[1]


The governing Liberals were unable to turn their success in the New Frontier negotiations into electoral support, and the Democrats were rewarded with their best-ever result at the 2019 general election, gaining over 55% of the vote and achieving the first parliamentary majority in an election by any political party since 2015.[2] Cerwyn was shortly afterwards granted the King's mandate to form the 12th government of Sabia and Verona, which took office on 3 June 2019 when it was confirmed by the 5th Parliament in its inaugural session.[3] Cerwyn's government saw the return of Snø Jens-Galieri to the Commerce Division and Kastor Gevras Drigy to the Justice Division.

After the 2019 election, Andrew Blackhorse stepped down as leader of the Liberals, and Shounn Virny became leader shortly thereafter.[4] Virny previously belonged to the now dissolved National Artists' Guild and served as Prime Minister from 2015 to 2017; to date, he remains the longest-serving PM in Sabia and Verona's history.

In January 2020, the Electoral Commission set the date for the 2020 election at 17 May 2020.[5] The Commission later pushed back the date a week, to 24 May, in order to gain time to count remote postal votes due to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.[6]


Distribution of seats in the Sabioveronese Parliament after the 2019 election.

The election resulted in a landslide victory for the ruling Democrats, while the Liberals suffered their worst election since March 2014.[7]

Party Votes % Seats +/–
Democratic Party (HG/A) 32 59.26% 13 1
Liberals (J/C) 20 37.04% 8 1
Blank votes 2 3.70% N/A
Total 54 100 21 Steady
Registered voters/turnout 61 88.52% N/A
Source: Iderobók
Popular vote
Democratic Party
Blank votes
Parliamentary apportionment
Democratic Party

Elected MPs

District MP Party
Alios Andrew Blackhorse Liberal
Étienne Boulin Democrat
Apollo Cerwyn Democrat
Hidram Cerwyn Democrat
Narcissus Clyne Democrat
Simor de Jena Liberal
Pomme-Gabrielle Gauvier Democrat
Snø Jens-Galieri Democrat
Boris Tovinski Democrat
Gonn Harmê Bertram Liberal
Félix Gauvier Democrat
Kastor Gevras Drigy Democrat
Suipom Goyo Democrat
Dímeros Grenouille Liberal
Soraya Hreti Democrat
Hierba Kebragi Democrat
Shassel Marlaryen Liberal
Ryam Piper Democrat
Donnel Seaworth Liberal
Emmanuel Starlynn Liberal
Shounn Virny Liberal