Sabioveronese regional elections, 2019

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Sabioveronese regional elections, 2019

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2 governorships and 3 prefectures
  First party Second party
  ApolloCerwyn.jpg Virny 2016.jpg
Leader Apollo Cerwyn Shounn Virny
Party Democratic Party (Sabia and Verona) Liberals (Sabia and Verona)
Regions 2 0
Regions +/– 1 Steady
Prefectures 3 0
Prefectures +/– 1 1

Sabioveronese elections map 2018.png
Map of the 2019 regional and local elections in Sabia and Verona.
Above, in green, the regions which held electios;
below, the prefectures which held elections

Regional and local elections were held in Sabia and Verona on 14 July 2019. The governors of the central regions, Alios and Gonn, as well as the prefects (mayors) of Gonn's three prefectures (Kotavari, Monesari and Sato) were elected. The election date was set by the Electoral Commission of Sabia and Verona in April 2019, at the same time as the date of the 2019 parliamentary election.[1]

The elections resulted in important gains for the Democratic Party, which gained in all the elections it contested. Democratic incumbents won in the gubernatorial election in Gonn and in local elections in Sato and Kotavari; a Liberal incumbent was unseated in Monesari, and the only independent, Alios governor Étienne Boulin, stood down, letting Democratic candidate Andreina Rossini win the governorship.[2]


Type of election Quantity
Regional election (Governor) 2
Local election (Prefect) 3

Regional elections


Shortly after his election to a fourth term as governor of Alios, Étienne Boulin (independent), who had served as the city's governor since its establishment in 2015, announced he would not be running for re-election in 2019. In early 2019, the Democratic Party nominated Andreina Rossini, former Botany Secretary, as the Democratic candidate for the capital city's governorship. The Liberals nominated former Supreme Court justice and president of the Parliament Dímeros Grenouille, who kept his seat during the campaign.[2] Boulin officially endorsed Rossini shortly after the 2019 general election.

Alios regional election, 2019
Party Candidate Votes %
Democrat Andreina Rossini 10 52.6%
Liberal Dímeros Grenouille 9 47.4%
Total votes 19 100%
Registered voters/turnout 21 90.5%


Incumbent governor Dovedán Pashor (Democrat) announced his intention to run for a second term in early 2019. Before being elected governor, Pashor had served as prefect of Kotavari and leader of the Left Alliance. The Liberals nominated former Intelligence Secretary Balthassár Valoty.[2]

Gonn regional election, 2019
Party Candidate Votes %
Democrat Dovedán Pashor (incumbent) 20 68.9%
Liberal Balthassár Valoty 9 31.1%
Total votes 29 100%
Registered voters/turnout 34 85.3%

Local elections


Kotavari local election, 2019
Party Candidate Votes %
Democrat Amanita Aħari (incumbent) 7 53.8%
Liberal Viktarios Sitaesy 6 46.2%
Total votes 13 100%
Registered voters/turnout 14 92.9%


Monesari local election, 2019
Party Candidate Votes %
Democrat Berth Jens 6 54.5%
Liberal Marie-Antoinette Arosaky (incumbent) 5 45.5%
Total votes 11 100%
Registered voters/turnout 13 84.6%


Sato local election, 2019
Party Candidate Votes %
Democrat Rosso Gomu (incumbent) 8 72.7%
Liberal Qian An 3 27.3%
Total votes 11 100%
Registered voters/turnout 11 100%