Sabioveronese general election, May 2013

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Sabioveronese general election, May 2013

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2012 ←
20 May 2013
→ September 2013

All 20 seats to the Legislative Courts
11 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party
  Bleuberrie2013.png Amaroperdeut.jpg
Leader Napoléon Bleuberrie Amaro Perdeut
Party Socialist Party Unity Party
Leader's seat Salisse Caenia
Last election 9 11
Seats won 10 5
Seat change 1 6
Popular vote 22 19
Percentage 31.8% 27.5%

Third party Fourth party
  Ryampiper.jpg Antonschubertmoss.jpg
Leader Ryam Piper Anton Schubert-Moss
Party Strawberry Party Free Suyu
Leader's seat Tegula Elinore
Last election New party New party
Seats won 3 2
Seat change 3 2
Popular vote 15 13
Percentage 21.7% 18.8%

Prime Minister before election

Osez Kóvérsz
Unity Party

Prime Minister after election

Napoléon Bleuberrie
Socialist Party

Sabia and Verona held its second general elections on 20 May 2013. This election saw a considerable increase in voters since the 2012 election, as the population had now grown in the expanding micronation. The Sabioveronese people elected their Prime Minister and a new legislature. Four candidates of four different political parties presented themselves for the office of Primeer Minist.

In 2012 elections, Osez Kóvérsz of the Unity Party had won 67% of the votes against sitting Prime Minister Napoléon Bleuberrie, leader of the Socialist Party. This time, Bleuberrie won the elections and secured a second term with a new cabinet, forming a minority government.[1]


Four candidates from four different political parties that differ in ideology are meeting. The oldest and largest party is the Socialist Party, first political association formed in Sabia and Verona. The conservative Unity Party currently holds office with Kóvérsz and the majority of the Legislative Courts. Additional parties include the Free Suyu Front, a pseudo-anarchist party led by Hidram Cerwyn and the Strawberry Party, a pacifist party most recently founded by the former Governor of Sabia and Verona, Tarik Kârjasary.

Napoléon Bleuberrie

Bleuberrie goes for a second term as Prime Minister. His first term was mostly preventive, from October 2012 (the foundation of Sabia and Verona) until he lost against Osez Kóvérsz in the December 2012 elections. He's a respected member of the Sabioveronese society and leader of the Socialist Party. His policies are compiled in the ideology named Bleuberrism, a strong political force in Sabia and Verona. His supporters mostly recide in Salisse, the capital and most populated city of Sabia. According to polls, Bleuberrie has a strong chance of winning the election.

Amaro Perdeut

Perdeut is member of the liberal-conservative Unity Party, main opposition to the Socialist Party yet current party in government thanks to the colossal victory in the December 2012 elections. Perdeut is a current Minister in Kóvérsz' cabinet in charge of Environment, Health and Culture. His support is mainly based in Caenia, considered the 'conservative capital' of Sabia and Verona. Perdeut's chance of winning is slightly above that of lesser parties, but the support from the current government to his campaign is expected to change the possibilities of the blue party candidate.

Secondary candidates

Anton Schubert-Moss

Anton Schubert-Moss is also a Minister of Kóvérsz' cabinet but belonging to a much more leftist party, the Free Suyu Front. Both Schubert-Moss and his party were involved in a big controversy that in February 2013 ended in the arrest and trial of members of both the Free Suyu Front and the Socialist Party, including Cerwyn and Bleuberrie. He belongs to the high-class Schubert-Moss family from Caenia, although not belonging to his family's political interests as elite members of the Unity Party. Before becoming Minister, he was a biology student and aspired to be a teacher.

Ryam Piper

Ryam Piper has just recently emerged into Sabioveronese politics as Chairman of the City Council in Tegula, the most populated municipality in Verona. He belongs to the recently founded Strawberry Party, a pacifist neutralist party founded by former Governor Tarek Kârjasary. Supporting the ideals of the Strawberry Party, Piper's campaign is not based in the idea of 'winning' but into the principle of participation (symmetocracy). Being the youngest candidate from the youngest party, Piper's chances of winning the election are little, but his supporters are majority in Tegula and Abrelia, both Veronese regions.


Pollster Date Perdeut Bleuberrie Schubert-Moss Piper
The SiV Phonograph 23 April, 2013 33% 56% 11% 10%
Businesstoy 24 April, 2013 42% 40% 10% 8%
Results 20 May, 2013 27% 31% 18% 21%