Sabioveronese general election, March 2014

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Sabioveronese general election, March 2014

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September 2013 ←
20 March 2014
→ September 2014

All 20 seats to the Chamber of Deputies
11 seats needed for a majority
Turnout 98%
  First party Second party
  LeonGalieri.jpg ApolloCerwyn.jpg
Leader Léon Galieri Apollo Cerwyn
Party Left Alliance Convergence
Leader's seat Salisse Tegula
Last election New New
Seats won 8 6
Seat change 8 6
Popular vote 29 25
Percentage 31% 26%

Third party Fourth party
  Carlamora.jpg AshaqurS.jpg
Leader Carla Mora Shzël Ashaqür
Party Unity Party Pashqari People's
Leader's seat Caenia Abrelia
Last election 5 3
Seats won 4 2
Seat change 1 1
Popular vote 23 18
Percentage 24% 19%

Prime Minister before election

Ann Stefanović
Progressive Coalition

Prime Minister after election

Léon Galieri
Left Alliance

Sabia and Verona held its fourth general election on 20 March 2014. The Prime Minister and all 20 members of the Chamber of Deputies were elected for a six-month term, succeding Prime Minister Ann Stefanović and her Progressive Coalition government. In the last general election, the Progressive Coalition (PA-NT) obtained 15 seats while the Unity Party obtained 5 in the Courts (now known as the Chamber of Deputies following the adoption of the 2014 Constitution). Léon Galieri and the Left Alliance (R) win the election with 31% of the votes and eight seats for R. The turnout of 98% was the highest recorded until then.[1]


The candidates were approved by the Ministry for Interior Affairs' National Electoral Tribunal. The four candidates were announced on 25 February, 2014 in Salisse.

Léon Galieri

A seasoned politician, Galieri leads the newly formed Left Alliance, the official successor of the popular Socialist Party (CM) of Napoléon Bleuberrie and the KMCW. Galieri is a socialist and a nëel bleuberrist. He is credited with coining the term "nëel blüberricmıkű" ("New Bleuberrism"), the official ideology of the Left Alliance, an "updated" version of the Bleuberrism of 2012. Galieri has previously served as Minister for Culture in the 1st Bleuberrie Cabinet and as Minister of Economy in the 2nd Bleuberrie Cabinet.

Apollo Cerwyn

Secretary of the recently formed Convergence and Amity party, a party that refrains from being labelled as "right-wing" or "left-wing" and instead prefers to be "Mażyt" or "outside". Convergence and Amity is also Sabian Monarchist. Currently serving as Lt. Governor of Verona, Cerwyn has previously served as Minister for the Environment in the 2nd Bleuberrie Cabinet, and as Legislator for his home municipality of Tegula. His campaign calls for a "happy, simple and peaceful Sabia and Verona" (Hëšłem, lyvär fašnik Cəbya ı Wełona).

Carla Mora

Former Minister for Culture in the Kóvérsz Cabinet, Mora is an experienced politician and a senior of the social conservative Unity Party. She is considered one of the earliest female politicians alongside Ülla F. Müller, and is known for her firm stances in social aspects of Sabia and Verona. Her campaign is based around the "little pleasures" that were only available during former Prime Minister Osez Kóvérsz, a prominent member of the Unity Party; however it was quick to be criticized by the Pashqari People's Party due to some "xenophobic" remarks.

Shzël Ashaqür

A member of the Ashaqür political family, also known outside Verona as the Marlaryens. Ashaqür's political career is small, and he has held no other political offices before. His platform revolves around the Pashqari people's rights in Sabia and Verona. He was chosen to represent the P party after the party's leader and co-founder, Lukas Pondstone, rejected the offer.

Party Ideology Candidate
Convergence and Amity
Apollo Cerwyn
Left Alliance
Nëel Bleuberrism
Léon Galieri
Unity Party
Carla Mora
Pashqari People's Party
Pashqari rights
Shzël Ashaqür


Pollster Date Cerwyn Galieri Mora Ashaqür
The SiV Phonograph [1] 5 March, 2014 29% 31% 25% 15%
The SiV Phonograph [2] 10 March, 2014 30% 35% 25% 10%
The SiV Phonograph [3] 15 March, 2014 27% 30% 23% 20%
Results 20 March, 2014 26% 31% 24% 19%