Sabioveronese constitutional referendum, 2020

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Sabia and Verona
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A constitutional referendum was held in Sabia and Verona on 13 January 2020. Voters were asked whether they approve of three separate constitutional amendments. All three proposals were approved.[1]


The present constitution of Sabia and Verona was adopted in on 21 April 2017, when it was ratified by King Tarik; the document was written by a Constitutional Assembly convened in the aftermath of the 2017 constitutional referendum, in which voters backed the proposal to scratch the 2015 constitution in favor of a new basic law.[2][3]

In December 2019, Justice Secretary Kastor Gevras Drigy spearheaded the campaign to amend the 2017 Constitution for the first time since its adoption in order to make the Spanish text fully gender-neutral and extend by one year the term of magistrates of the judiciary.[4] The government, led by prime minister Apollo Cerwyn, was credited for opening dialogue channels with the opposition, led by Shounn Virny, to allow the amendment proposals to pass through Parliament with relatively unanimous support.[5]

Referendum questions

The three referendum questions were, in Sabian:

  1. "našrakradám toagakitairagarkiná gai elót orexenelañin?" (Should the text of the Constitution be amended to be fully gender-neutral?)
  2. "našrakkarám barbunolannraná toagakiladuhotairaganá?" (Should HPM the King's proposed amendments to the Constitution be adopted?)
  3. "našrakasumím veiagasarionoaná toanotregartiná da (3) dašau?" (Should the term length of magistrates in all levels of the judiciary be extended to three years?)

All three questions could only be answered with me ("yes") or u ("no"). The option to cast blank ballots was present, as in all Sabioveronese elections.


Position of political parties

Position Political parties Political orientation Leaders Ref
Yes Yes Democrats Statism Apollo Cerwyn
Liberals Liberalism Shounn Virny


Question For Against Total
Turnout Result
Votes % Votes %
Amendment on gender-neutral text 41 80.39% 10 19.61% 51 59 86.44% Approved
Amendment on King's proposals 45 88.24% 6 11.76% Approved
Amendment on magistrates' term length 36 70.59% 15 29.41% Approved
Source: Electoral Commission / [1]