United Assembly of Regions

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United Assembly of Regions

bakañairañ akureko
1st United Assembly
Term limits
5 years
Liam Sanfloss, A
1st Vice President
2nd Vice President
Carla Mora, C
Seats25 assemblypeople
Political groups
  A (16)
  C (9)
Limited voting
Last election
2 September 2015
akuná bakañin i bašúi
("The North united and loyal")
Meeting place
Lirvetta Palace, Salisse

The United Assembly of Regions (Sabian: bakañairañ akureko; Lycene: Sujebojun nae Veedraxii), also known as the Northern Parliament (akatanoián in Sabian) is the united body formed by the Legislative Assemblies of the autonomous regions of Sabia and Verona: Sabia, Verona and Lycem. As their name indicates, the Sabioveronese autonomous regions count with more autonomy than their southern counterparts (Gonn and Alios), as they each count with their own legislative bodies, known as the Legislative Assemblies.[1]

Since the autonomous regions are not represented in the Parliament of Sabia and Verona, which convenes in the South and represents only the central regions, the United Assembly serves as a way to slightly tilt the balance of powers in the Kingdom in favor of the autonomous North.

The United Assembly counts with considerable powers, and it represents the interest of the Northern territories before the National Parliament and the King.[1] The United Assembly only meets under certain circumstances, otherwise each Legislative Assembly meets on its own and acts independently in each region.


The regions of Sabia and Verona have counted with their own legislative bodies since the adoption of the first constitution in 2014, after the establishment of the Federation, the Provincial Councils. The Provincial Councils were composed of members elected from each of the prefectures of the regions and were headed by the Lt. Governors, the heads of the regional governments. These Provincial Councils counted with very limited autonomy and were largely dependent on the Courts.

After the execution of the Haronos Plan in 2015, the balance of powers in Sabia and Verona was greatly affected. The new territories in the South, separated from the North by thousands of miles, were now more powerful and controlled the Northern regions through the new parliament, which represented only the Southern regions. To counter this, the Northern regions were granted more autonomy and the ability to govern themselves through the Legislative Assemblies, bodies that carried more weight than the old Provincial Councils.[1] The new Legislative Assemblies worked in a similar way to the national Parliament, and they were headed by the executive chiefs of each region, the Governors.

But the southern Parliament still had say over the regional legislatures. After the passing of the Treaty of Kotavari, the Left Alliance and Bakinn governors of Lycem and Verona Liam Sanfloss and Petyr Cohen came up with the idea of joining all Legislative Assemblies in one united body that could represent the Northern regions before the Parliament, giving a greater voice to the autonomous regions. The first meeting of the United Assembly was held on 26 March 2016.[1]

Last election

Party Leader Seats change # of votes %
Bakinn (VDM) Saleon Pazar
10 / 25
10 22 30.5%
Unity Party Andrew Blackhorse
9 / 25
9 29 40.27%
Left Alliance (VDM) Petyr Cohen
6 / 25
6 21 29.1%

Current composition

Party Name Constituency
Democrats (16)[n 1] Roman Häshmun Elinore
Shai Aram Ashem Teg
Mazaräh Jazün Ashem Teg
Marie K. Hernández Quar
Valentina Giallosso Quar
Tabaré Dëkh Zafir-Nel-Bâren
Lukas Pondstone Zafir-Nel-Bâren
Vyghana P. Desrochers Ejariveen
Dany Targaryen Ejariveen
Liam Sanfloss Suiisan Too-Rhilasarin
Ernesto J. DaVilha Salisse-Evra
Richard Agobe Salisse-Evra
Vincent Zadhür Agâmilox
Petyr Cohen Ashem Teg
Valéry Locke Zafir-Nel-Bâren
Regina Redwyne Suiisan Too-Rhilasarin
Liberals (9)[n 2] Cameron Green Agâmilox
Guido Vogelauge Bal
José Valladolid Bal
Nadia R. M. Kóvérsz Caenia
Wilhelm Starlynn Caenia
Dmitri Stefanović Caenia
Carla M. Mora Salisse-Evra
Raphaël Y. J. Rivière Elinore
Charles E. Nooja Ejaariven

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  1. Originally Left Alliance and Bakinn in April 2016; merged in 2016 as Left Alliance-Bakinn, and became the Democratic Party in 2017.
  2. Known as Unity Party until November 2016.