Valtirian National Party

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Valtirian National Party
LeaderShounn Virny
Merger ofLeft Alliance
National Artists' Guild (later)
HeadquartersKotavari, Gonn
IdeologyBig tent
Democratic socialism
Green politics
Valtirian nationalism
Political positionCenter-left to left-wing
Colors  Spring green

The Valtirian National Party – Future (Middle Sabian: Valtirik Dogashemekân – Harva) was a parliamentary and electoral coalition of centrist, centre-left and left-wing political parties in Sabia and Verona. It was initially founded in early 2015 by the Left Alliance and Bakinn (then known as "Convergence and Amity") to form a strong opposition to the Képren Lâdom government, led by Bertrand Rivière. After the dissolution of the Sabioveronese Courts in July 2015 by Rivière, the coalition became inactive.

As it was never officially dissolved, the VDM was revived after the execution of the Haronos Plan as a sort of "agreement" between the National Artists' Guild and the original founding parties of the coalition, the Left Alliance (R) and Bakinn (A), sealed with the signing of the Treaty of Kotavari.[1] In April 2016, Bakinn merged into the Left Alliance to form a single left-wing bloc in the North.[2] Ahead of the 2016 election, the Valtirian National Party was dissolved as the Left Alliance decided to run for Parliament against the Artists.


The centrist-leftist political forces of Sabia and Verona had dominated the Sabioveronese political scene ever since the election of prime minister Ann Stefanović of the Initiative for Democracy in 2013. At the time the Initiative had just recently split up from the Unity Party and had been an opposing entity to it. The government of Léon Galieri consolidated the leftist politicians' strenght in the Sabioveronese government, however by the time Galieri's term was coming to an end the Sabioveronese people's content with the Left Alliance's policies, the failure of inclusion laws regarding Pashqar and Lycene-speaking minorities in the government and the rise of Sabian nationalism had crippled and divided the once strong and steady centrist-leftist parties of the Kingdom.

The Treaty of Kotavari

In August 2015, shortly after the dissolution of the Courts, the Haronos Plan was executed, and the Left Alliance and Convergence and Amity both lost a large number of members as they left for Alios and joined the recently formed National Artists' Guild (DSN). In November 2015, the Valtirian National Party officially accepted the Artists' Guild as a member party and declared Shounn Virny, its leader, the official chairman of the VDM. This was done through the Treaty of Kotavari, officially the Treaty of Representation (Ásharos Sélikas), which stated the DSN was to uphold the ideals and opinions of the Left Alliance and Convergence and Amity in the Parliament.[1] In turn, the Left Alliance and Convergence would have to represent the DSN in the Legislative Assemblies of the Northern Regions (Sabia, Verona and Lycem) which were out of the Guild's reach.

In April 2016, Bakinn merged into the Left Alliance to form a single left-wing bloc in the North.[2] While Bakinn held more seats in the United Assembly and had a generally more powerful presence in the regions, it lacked the clearly defined ideology and programme of the Left Alliance, which resulted in the latter "absorbing" Bakinn.

Electoral history


Electoral results for the Parliament of the Kingdom.

Election year # of votes % seats won +/- Government Ref.
2015 24 60%
7 / 10
N/A majority gov't [3]


Electoral results for the Legislative Assemblies of the autonomous regions and the United Assembly of Regions.

Election year # of votes % seats won +/- Government Ref.
2015 43 59.6%
16 / 25
N/A majority gov't [4]