Initiative for Democracy

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Initiative for Democracy
Abaián mar Demokratia
Founder Ann Stefanović
Founded 11 June 2013
Dissolved 25 August 2015
Split from Unity Party
Headquarters Caenia
Ideology Social liberalism
Political position Centre to centre-right
National affiliation Progressive Coalition (until 2014)
Official colors      Orange

Initiative for Democracy (Sabian: Abaián mar Demokratia; AMD), list letter D and commonly known as the Initiative was a centrist social liberal political party in Sabia and Verona founded by Mayor of Caenia and later Prime Minister of Sabia and Verona Ann Stefanović after she left the conservative Unity Party over disagreements on Pashqari people's rights.[1]

Following its split from Unity, it drew support from the more liberal and progressive opposition to the Socialist Party, particularly right-wing Pashqaris and cosmopolitan liberals from Caenia and Salisse.

During its existence it always belonged to broader coalitions in order to secure seats in the Legislative Courts: first the Progressive Coalition, headed by Stefanović, which won a majority in the September 2013 election, and in the March and September 2014 elections in coalition with Unity.


The party was officially registered by Lt. Secretary of Caenia Ann Stefanović on June 11, 2013, a week after she left the Unity Party (CeM). According to Stefanović, she had left the CeM because of her disappointment at the views of its members towards the Pashqari people and the official use of their language[1]. Although Stefanović had been a respected member of the major conservative party, her views had always been considered far more liberal than that of some of its most prominent members. Upon the formation of the AMD, Stefanović said "...even you are an immigrant too, Mr. Müntz"[1], referring to Unity Party leader Graham Müntz and his recent statements qualifying the Pashqari people as immigrants in Sabia.

The Initiative alongside the Roots Party became a founding member of the Progressive Coalition, the first electoral alliance of Sabia and Verona. The Pashqari People's Party would join them on July 2013. The PA named Stefanović their candidate for the December 2013 elections, that were later set to September after Napoléon Bleuberrie's failed self-coup attempt on July 25, 2013. The PA-NT won the elections and Stefanović was elected First Secretary, making the AMD the ruling party, counting with 5 seats in the Courts. Following Stefanović's six-month term, the party became less popular and it didn't nominate any candidates to the March 2014 election.

On June 2014 it was announced the Initiative would join forces with the Unity Party once again under the banner of "Képren Lâdom" or "Road towards Change", with newly elected Unity Party leader Bertrand Rivière as their candidate. Rivière won the election, and the Initiative gained three seats at the General Assembly of the Courts as part of Képren Lâdom.

The party was unable to survive the Haronos Plan and it dissolved, with most of its remaining members joining the Unity Party or Bakinn.


Although it generally opposed the socialist system of the Bleuberrie administration, and supports a free market society, the party is an outspoken defender of social freedom and openness. It's in favour of general taxation. Due to being the only self-declared "liberal" political party of Sabia and Verona, Initiative's policies and views have been summed up to become the "Sabioveronese Liberalism".