Righteous Faith League

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Righteous Faith League
LeaderHans Starlynn
FoundedMay 2013
DissolvedJune 2013
Split fromUnity Party
IdeologyNational conservatism
Sabian separatism
Political positionFar-right
ColorsDark blue, red and white
Party flag

The Righteous Faith League (Sabian: haronbašobók; Old Sabian: Olenmêtsoukido Bâshe Ligk, OBL) was short-lived a minor far-right[1] political party in Sabia and Verona. It was founded in early May 2013 by Hans Starlynn, a former member of the conservative Unity Party.

It supported the independence of Sabia from Juclandia and its separation from Verona. It never had representation in the Legislative Courts nor at any City Council. It was officially in opposition to the Socialist Party. Micronationally, it looked up to the Siroccan Federal Party. The party was disestablished on 1 June 2013, after the lifting on far-right organisations was reversed by the High Court of Cassation and Justice of Juclandia.[2]

It was due to the creation of the party that the Legislative Courts lifted the Constitutional ban on far-right political organisations.[1] Up until the lifting of the ban, the party denied being far-right.


The OBL was founded by Hans Starlynn, a Caenian university professor and member of the well-known Starlynn family, owners of the Starlynn & Co. company. Starlynn rose to prominence in 2013, during the May Day celebrations in Salisse, when he drunkenly stated he "had always wanted to live in Sirocco".[3] Starlynn publicly declared his support for the government of Siroccan Premier Daniel Anderson and his Federal Party,[4] much to the dismay of the Caenian population.

Daniel Anderson would later endorse Starlynn and expressed his discontemt with the charges pressed against the Sabian leader for public disturbance.[4] The next day, Starlynn and a small group of supporters registered the Righteous Faith League as an official party in Salisse and presented the Righteous Faith Manifesto to the city. The party was declared a neo-fascist organisation by Starlynn once the ban on far-right political parties was repealed by the Sabioveronese Courts. The Courts' repeal of the ban was not well received in Juclandia, where the High Court of Cassation and Justice ruled the lifting of the ban as "unconstitutional" and banned the OBL permanently.[2] On 1 June 2013, Starlynn declared the party dead.


The party was described as neo-fascist by its founder,[1] as national conservative, and pan-Sabianist. Due to Sabia and Verona's legislation on far-right political organisations, the OBL refused to call itself "far-right" and "fascist", something that changed with the reppeal of said legislation. Most of the party members were former Unity Party adherents.[1] The party's policies were summarized in the "Righteous Faith Manifesto", the OBL's basic ideals and policies. The Righteous Faith Manifesto has been described as one of the most radical writings ever seen in Sabia and Verona[citation needed].

Juclandia, Verona and Lycem

The party supported the separation of the Sabian region (excluding Verona) from the Kingdom of Juclandia. Party founder Hans Starlynn was quoted saying Juclandia had "betrayed us [Sabians]". As well, Juclandia was described as a "colony for bolsheviks and left-wing savages" by Starlynn. Although it's not certain whether the party was monarchist or republicanist, the "rule of the Juclandian crown" over Sabia is described as "insufferable and unacceptable" by the Righteous Faith Manifesto.

The party's stances on Verona were, according to Ann Stefanović, "repulsively negative". Verona was described as a "parasite" that "holds Sabia back from progressing" by the OBL. The Righteous Faith Manifesto described the Pashqari people as "unworthy freeloading parasites" and supported the deportation of Pashqari from Sabian territory.

The OBL was against the co-operation with Lycem and proposed the idea of militarizing the border with neighbouring nation. Hans Starlynn harshly critizised Lycem and its society.

Though in name it claims to be our 'obedient brother', the Lycene People's Republic is not obedient, nor it is our brother. The neighbor in the east is nothing more than a pestilent rats' nest full of communists and traitors of the Sabian motherland.