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Vaaitos Prefecture
vaonakurói vaitonn

(Lycene: "Warmth")

Location of Vaaitos in Sabia and Verona
CountrySabia and Verona
GovernmentPrefecture in an autonomous region
- PrefectRegina Redwyne (Democrat)
LanguagesSabian • Lycene
Population8 (2015)
Time zoneUTC-4:30

The Vaaitos Prefecture (Sabian: vaonakurói vaitonn; Lycene: Arcaeedrax nae Vaaitos) is a prefecture of the Kingdom of Sabia and Verona. It's the easternmost of Sabia and Verona's Northern territories and the least populated prefecture alongside Bal, counting with an associated population of 8. It's also the only proper prefecture of the Region of Lycem, since the rest of the region's territory is organized into the Dependecy of Highanas.

Since Highanas is mostly uninhabited, Vaaitos is where the culture of Lycem is best preserved after the former country lost its independence. A large number of Lycene language speakers are in Vaaitos, though there is a considerable number of speakers in the more populated Elinore Prefecture. Vaaitos has lately seen a revival of the Lycene culture, such as the creation of new art and poetry styles, influenced by the neighbouring Verona and the urban wave of Salisse.

The name of the prefecture means "head" in Lycene, and it refers to its position as the new capital of Lycem.


As a prefecture, Vaaitos is directly administered by a democratically elected prefect, or mayor. The one-person prefectural government is subordinated to the regional government, in the case of Vaaitos, the government of Lycem. The Prefect of Vaaitos is Regina Redwyne, of the Democratic Party.

List of leaders

Name Started Ended Party Notes
Suipom Goyo 23 February 2014 4 December 2014 Independent Lieutenant Secretary
Narcissus Clyne 4 December 2014 4 August 2015 Left Lieutenant Secretary
Vyghana Desrochers 4 August 2015 21 April 2017 Left Lieutenant Secretary
Regina Redwyne 21 April 2017 present Left / Democrat Prefect