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The Book of Electors (Sabian: ideragiħuro; Spanish: Libro de Electores) is a tome edited exclusively by the Monarch of Sabia and Verona recording all the noble houses and lineages in the Kingdom. The Book serves the purpose of keeping track of all Sabioveronese citizens who are eligible to become King or Queen of the Valtirians, as Sabia and Verona is an elective monarchy.


The Book was first introduced in 2014, when Sabia and Verona separated from the Juclandian Crown and Isadora Annenak was crowned Queen of All Sabia, Verona and Lycem (a title that was later abridged to "Queen of the Valtirians"). The Book sought to formally inscribe all human citizens of the Kingdom who had the right to vote in Royal Elections – hence "Book of Electors" – as the Constitution of 2014 established a difference between the human nobility and commoner human citizens in regards to who had royal voting rights. The first book was edited by Queen Isadora shortly after her coronation, in April 2014.

Voting rights in Royal Elections were expanded to all Sabioveronese humans with the introduction of the Constitution of 2015, in the aftermath of the Haronos Plan. This meant the purpose and nature of the Book of Electors shifted as well: it was no longer to record the names of eligible voters, but the name of eligible candidates to become King or Queen of the Valtirians. The 2015 Constitution did not mention the Book of Electors at all; its use was reduced to mere convention, although it was not used as no monarchical successions took place during the mandate of this particular constitutional document.

The present constitution of Sabia and Verona, adopted in 2017, incorporated the Book of Electors into its text, and formalized its role as the fundamental document recording all eligible candidates to the Valtirian throne. It also formalized the Monarch's exclusive right to add and amend to the Book.

List of lineages in the Book

List updated as of 2021, when the Book was last updated. Below the lineages are the peerages associated to them. Bold indicates the lineage produced a monarch, italic indicates the lineage no longer contains any eligible candidates to the Throne, strikethrough indicates the lineage has been removed from the Book.

Added by Isadora Annenak

  • House of Annenak – added in 2014
    • Dukedom of Zafir
  • House of Karjasari – added in 2014
    • Dukedoms of Evra and Monesari
    • Marquisates of Saint-Martin and Arasi
    • Counties of Seoux, Sainte-Bérénice and Kotavari
  • House of Jósevin – added in 2014
    • County of Airujarin
  • House of Arasi-Daora – added in 2014
  • House of Omsog – added in 2014, removed in 2018
  • House of Ahrot – added in 2014, removed in 2018
  • House of Oehler – added in 2015
    • Barony of Oehler

Added by Tarik Karjasari

  • House of Gomu – added in 2015, removed in 2019
  • House of Hasarašia – added in 2018
  • House of Bašo – added in 2019, removed in 2021
    • Dukedom of Ixuħreti

a: the House of Hasaraši has technically produced a monarch as King Tarik claims patrilineal descent from it.

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