House of Annenak

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House of Annenak
Royal Arms of Isadora of Annenak.png
Motto: Hermandad y Federación
Country Sabia and Verona
Titles Duchess of Zafir
Current head Ashâvêl Annenak
(Jêteshar branch)
Founding Unknown
Ethnicity Mestizo

The House of Annenak (Sabian: Lidesê Annenakas; Sabian pronunciation /änˈneːnak/) is a prominent family and house of electors of Sabia and Verona. Following the election of Isadora of Annenak, heiress of the Annenak-Jêteshar branch, as Queen of the Valtirians, the House ruled as the nation's royal family for a year and a half until Isadora's abdication on 23 August 2015.

Due to Sabia and Verona's constitution, and the Sabioveronese monarchy's elective nature, it's impossible for the House to retain power now Isadora is no longer in the throne, unless another member of the house is elected to rule. However following Isadora's abdication, there are no other members of the house in the Book of Electors, and it is unlikely the house will produce any more rulers in the near future. The dynastic motto of the House of Annenak is "Hermandad y Federación" ("Brotherhood and Federation" in Spanish). The motto was adopted when the House arrived to the throne in February 2014, and it was subsequently adopted by Sabia and Verona.


Little is known about the historical background of the House of Annenak. It is known the father of the current head of the Jêteshar branch, Queen Isadora's grandfather, arrived in the Venezuelan Andes at some point during the XX century from the Island of Margarita in the Caribbean Sea, off the eastern coast of Venezuela. The seat of the Jêteshar branch of the House, created through Lady Ashavêl Annenak, is located in the El Llano Parish of the Libertador Municipality. According to a plaque outside the building, the house dates from 1900. It is unknown who inhabited the house before the arrival of the Annenaks.

The name Annenak comes from the Old Sabian ahêro (red) and ânak (tower). In modern Sabian the name is usually mistranslated as "white tower" (anneja ânak).


The House of Annenak is widely spread and counts with several branches. The current ruling branch is the Jêteshar, headed by Lady Ashavêl Annenak-Jêteshar. Another prominent branch is the Annenak-Pézorouk. Some members of the House include:

Jêteshar branch:

Pézorouk branch:

  • Satte Paitevelê Annenak-Pézorouk
    • Pare Anton Annenak-Pézorouk Páitevak
    • Satte Mârinn Annenak-Pézorouk Páitevak
House of Annenak
Preceded by
House of Jucărești
Ruling house of Sabia and Verona
2014 - 2015
Succeeded by
House of Kârjasary