Order of the Needle

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Order of the Needle
aidaibók varagonnán
OTN medal.jpg
Medal worn by the Sovereign of the Order
Awarded by the King of the Valtirians
Type Civilian order
Established 1 June 2013
Ribbon OTN ribbon.png
Motto vetabešiovos xeñeriogañka
(Sabian: "No one strikes me with impunity")
Awarded for Contributions to the development of Sabia and Verona and the micronational world.
Status Active
Sovereign H.R.H. King Tarik of Kârjasary
Grades Xel (XAV)
Saro (SAV)
Simorág (MAV)
First induction 1 June 2013
Total inductees 19
Next (higher) Order of the Baphomet
Next (lower) Order of the Hummingbird

The Order of the Needle (Sabian: aidaibók varagonnán, initials AV) is the second-highest award given by the government of Sabia and Verona to both national and intermicronational individuals. The Order was founded by Napoléon Bleuberrie when he was sworn into office for the second time as Prime Minister of Sabia and Verona, and the first awarded was former PM Osez Kóvérsz, on 1 June 2013. Since 2014, the Order is awarded by the Monarch of Sabia and Verona, presently Tarik, King of the Valtirians.

Individuals are awarded with this Order for "contributions to the development of Sabia and Verona and the micronational world", that includes aspects of cultural, social, scientific and political natures. Its name comes from the use of needle and thread to craft the ribbons used by the Order. It was originally intended to be named Order of St. Olav.

In 2016 a royal decree issued by King Tarik positioned the Order as the second-highest award in the Kingdom, and changed, among other things, the official colors of the Order.


Although the Order makes no distinction in merituous service to Sabia and Verona and the Kingdom, there are three ranks in which the Order may be awarded. The ranks are mostly for the sake of categorization between plush toys and humans, and diplomatic precedence between humans as well, and there is no ditinction in the ribbons given to a rank or to other. A recipient of the "lower" ranks may be "upgraded" to the "upper" ranks at any given moment. There is no limit to the amount of recipients any rank may have.

  • xel ("knight") - The highest category of the Order. Commonly given to foreign leaders, royalty and diplomats of nations close to Sabia and Verona. Initials: XAV.
  • saro ("companion") - New rank created by the 2016 Royal Decree on the Order. Intended to be bestowed to friends of Sabia and Verona and the Union, and outstanding citizens of Sabia and Verona. Initials: SAV.
  • simorág ("officer", lit. "bannerman")- Given mostly to stuffed toy Sabioveronese citizens. Initials: MAV.


The colours of the Order are pink and white, colors commonly associated with the Sabioveronese monarchy. The general ribbon of the Order consists of a red band with two green stripes on the sides and a white band slicing the centre. The medal of the order consists of a bronze-coloured circle bordered by a silver ring. The medal pictures an oil lamp on a book, with a laurel leaf on the back. It symbolizes knowledge and wisdom.

List of recipients