Aina Oehler

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The Baroness Oehler
2nd President of Artaghe
In office
1 July 2012 - 1 August 2012
Prime Minister Tarik Kârjasary
Predecessor Runa-Lisandra Bartolucci
Successor Liam Barnard
Personal information
Citizenship Sabioveronese
Nationality Venezuelan
Religion None (Atheist)
In this traditional Sabian name, Mariavái is the matronymic and Oler is the family name.

Aina Oehler, Baroness Oehler, IOB XAV (Sabian: aina mariavái oler) is a retired politician from the Valtir Sector. She held the positions of President and a member of the Union Presidency during the Golden Age of the Union of Artaghe, and held Lycene citizenship during a short priod of time in 2013. She has been a subject of the Sabioveronese Monarchy since 2014 and a Sabioveronese citizen since 2015.

Micronational career

Artaghean Presidency

On 23 June 2012, she announced her inention to run for the office of President of Artaghe in the June 2012 presidential election. She represented the region of Dahm an Fáeil. On June 30, she won the election with 70.5% of the votes and 4 regions carried, making her the first democratically elected president of Artaghe, as well as the first human one, as she was succeeding Runa-Lisandra Bartolucci.

She entered office officially on 1 July 2012. During her presidency Artaghe became a more advanced and widely known micronation. Foreign policy became one of the government's priorities, and a new constitution was adopted. Oehler's presidency was characterized by a more progressive attitude in the social aspects of the nation. She held talks with foreign leaders and became crucial in the establishment of diplomacy with Artaghe; she became the first Valtirian to hold talks with foreigners besides Tarik Kârjasary.


With the creation of the Principality of Artaghe, she was stripped of all her political offices. She left micronationalism when the Principality died, and she as was left out of micronational states succeeding Artaghe in the Valtir Sector. She was given Lycene citizenship with the creation of the realm in 2013. Oehler was present at the coronation of Queen Isadora of Sabia and Verona in April 2014, alongside Governor Kârjasary. She has been a Baroness of Sabia and Verona since October 2014. In 2015, after the coronation of Tarik Kârjasary as King of the Valtirians, she was granted full Sabioveronese citizenship. In 2016, a constituency of the Sabioveronese Parliament was named after her: the Aina Eler constituency in the region of Gonn. The constituency was dissolved following the adoption of the Constitution of 2017, which eliminated single-member constituencies.

Personal life

Oehler is an Atheist and is opposed to state religion. Aside her native Spanish, she speaks English and German to varying degrees. On social issues, she is considered a progressive, being in favor of LGBT rights and the legalization of abortion. As of 2017, she is pursuing a physics licentiate at the University of the Andes. In addition to her university studies, Oehler is a music student.

Titles and honours

She has held the titles and styles:

  • Her Excellency, President of Artaghe - 1 July 2012 - 1 August 2012.
  • The Honorable, Baroness Oehler - 1 October 2014 - present.

She has been given the honours:

Political offices
Preceded by
Runa-Lisandra Bartolucci
President of Artaghe
1 July 2012 - 1 August 2012
Succeeded by
Liam Barnard