Leader of the Opposition (Sabia and Verona)

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Leader of the Opposition
New SiV Liberals logo.png
Shounn Virny

since 30 June 2019
Term lengthNo fixed term
While leader of the largest party not in government.
Inaugural holderGraham Müntz
Formation1 January 2013 (informally)

The Leader of the Opposition (Sabian: axenagikurág) is an unofficial, mostly conventional and honorary title traditionally held by the leader of the largest party in the Parliament of Sabia and Verona (the atanói) not within the government. They are usually the person who is expected to lead that party into the next general election. Since 2017, the Leader of the Opposition has typically led a "shadow government" (axenagikuragi; lit. "opposition government").

Since 30 June 2019, in the period corresponding to the Fifth and Sixth Parliaments, the Leader of the Opposition has been Shounn Virny, leader of the Liberal Party (J). The importance of the Leader of the Opposition's role in parliamentary workings has increased in recent years due to the concentration of political parties in Sabia and Verona post-Haronos Plan.


Not specifically provided legally, the workings of the post are mostly based on custom, protocol and convention. There are no legal documents in Sabia and Verona describing or even mentioning the position, but it has been informally recognized by the entire political system in every legislature since the Third Courts, elected in May 2013. The first Leader of the Opposition was Graham Müntz, the leader of the Unity Party. When Müntz left the Courts after the September 2013 election, the position was taken over by Noa Dargany, who was not leader of Unity but assumed the position in the Courts due to seniority. Dargany was Leader of the Opposition during the third and fourth Courts, during which Unity was the sole opposition party.

Following the victory of Unity in the September 2014 election, the position was taken by Étienne Boulin, speaker of Convergence and Amity, the largest party in opposition to the government of Bertrand Rivière. Boulin was in the post until 12 July 2015, when the Courts were dissolved in an anticonstitutional move by Rivière.

The position has been increasingly important since the adoption of the Constitutions of 2015 and 2017. The post-Haronos political systm of Sabia and Verona has produced an essential two-party system in which the Leader of the Opposition (and the opposition in general) have become important as counterpart to the government. During the first and second Parliaments, Andrew Blackhorse (leader of Unity and later, the Liberals) was Leader of the Opposition. Shounn Virny, of the Liberal Party has been LoO since the fifth Parliament.

List of Leaders of the Opposition

Portrait Name Term of office Party Opposition to
Legislature Prime Minister
National Arms of Sabia and Verona.png Graham Müntz
MC for Abrelia–West
1 June
1 October
Unity Bleuberrie II 3rd Courts Bleuberrie
Noa Dargany.jpg Noa Dargany
MC for Salisse & Salisse III
1 October
1 October
Unity Stefanović 4th Courts Stefanović
Galieri 5th Courts Galieri
EBoulin.jpg Étienne Boulin
MC for Salisse II
1 October
12 July
Convergence Rivière 5th Courts Rivière
ABlackhorse.jpg Andrew Blackhorse
MP for Sejê-Kepren
& the Alios List
1 October
22 May

Virny I 1st Parliament Virny
Virny II 2nd Parliament
ApolloCerwyn.jpg Apollo Cerwyn
MP for the Alios List
22 May
3 June

Dargany I 3rd Parliament Dargany
Dargany II 4th Parliament
Blackhorse Blackhorse
AshaqurS.jpg Shassel Marlaryen
MP for the Gonn List
3 June
30 June
Liberals Cerwyn I 5th Parliament Cerwyn
(since 2019)
Virny 2016.jpg Shounn Virny
MP for the Gonn List
30 June
Incumbent Liberals
Cerwyn II 6th Parliament


Shounn VirnyShassel MarlaryenApollo CerwynAndrew BlackhorseÉtienne BoulinNoa Dargany

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