Blackhorse cabinet

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Blackhorse cabinet
11th ministry of Sabia and Verona

Date formed 10 October 2018
Date dissolved 3 June 2019
People and organizations
Head of government Andrew Blackhorse
Head of state King Tarik
No. of ministers 6
Member party Liberals
Status in legislature Majority
Opposition party Democratic Party
Opposition leader Apollo Cerwyn
Election(s) 2018
Legislature term(s) 4th Parliament (10th Legislature)
Previous Dargany II
Successor Cerwyn I

The Blackhorse cabinet took office on 10 October 2018, after being confirmed by the fourth Parliament of Sabia and Verona, elected at the 2018 general election. It was formed by Andrew Blackhorse, leader of the Liberal Party. It was formed after Noa Dargany's resignation as Prime Minister, following her defeat at a Liberal party leadership challenge, put forward by Blackhorse. It was succeeded by the Cerwyn cabinet on 3 June 2019, after the Liberals' defeat in the 2019 general election.

It was officially known as the 11th government. It was the third cabinet to be formed under the Constitution of 2017. It was the first government to be formed by a Parliament that had already confirmed a different cabinet, a disposition foreseen by the new Constitution.[1]


The 4th Parliament of Sabia and Verona was elected at the 2018 general election, which resulted in major gains for the Democratic Party, which won 11 seats (counting the seats the Left Alliance and the Socialist Caucus previously had). The downward trend for the National Artists' Guild continued, as they won only 2 seats. The ruling Liberals, led by Prime Minister Noa Dargany, maintained their 10 seats, but they were now only 43.3% of the Parliament's total seats as the size of the legislature had been expanded.[2]

As no party received an outright majority, either of the larger parties could have been poised to form a government. The National Artists' Guild, though having lost an MP and performing its worst since the party's formation, became kingmaker as its two MPs would have given both Democrats and Liberals the necessary majority. In the end, Shounn Virny resolved on renewing the confidence and supply agreement with the governing Liberals. On 28 May 2018, the 4th Parliament was inaugurated and Dargany's proposal for the 10th government of Sabia and Verona was approved.[2][3] On 22 July 2018, the Artists' Guild's two MPs joined the Liberal bloc after the party's dissolution, giving it a majority.[4]

Cabinet formation

On 1 October 2018, the Deputy Prime Minister and Diplomacy Secretary, Andrew Blackhorse, formally presented a leadership challenge to unseat Dargany from the leadership of the Liberal party. Dargany had come under fire from her own party ranks after the failure of the New Frontier plan negotiations with the Democratic opposition.[5] On 7 October, Blackhorse won the party leadership election and unseated Dargany. Dargany has swiftly conceded defeat, and handed her resignation to King Tarik, who appointed Blackhorse as PM-designate.[6]


Portfolio Name Assumed
11th government of Sabia and Verona
Prime Minister Andrew Blackhorse 10 October 2018 3 June 2019   Liberal
Deputy Prime Minister Shounn Virny 10 October 2018 3 June 2019   Liberal
Secretary of Diplomacy 10 October 2018 3 June 2019
Secretary of Commerce Emmanuel Starlynn 22 May 2017 3 June 2019   Liberal
Secretary of Justice Donnel Seaworth 28 May 2018 3 June 2019   Liberal
Secretary of Defense Harmê Bertram 10 October 2018 3 June 2019   Liberal
Secretary of the Arts Simor de Jena 22 May 2017 3 June 2019   Liberal
Secretary of Education
Secretary of Botany Shassel Marlaryen 22 May 2017 3 June 2019   Liberal
Secretary of Welfare 28 May 2018