First Cerwyn cabinet

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First Cerwyn cabinet
12th ministry of Sabia and Verona

Date formed 3 June 2019
Date dissolved 28 May 2020
People and organizations
Head of government Apollo Cerwyn
Head of state King Tarik
Member party Democratic Party
Status in legislature Majority
Opposition party Liberals
Opposition leader Shassel Marlaryen
Shounn Virny
Election(s) 2019
Legislature term(s) 5th Parliament (11th Legislature)
Previous Blackhorse
Successor Cerwyn II
"Cerwyn cabinet" redirects here. For the government in office since May 2020, see second Cerwyn cabinet.

The First Cerwyn cabinet took office on 3 June 2019, after being confirmed by the fifth Parliament of Sabia and Verona, elected at the 2019 general election. It was formed by Apollo Cerwyn, leader of the Democratic Party. The government's mandate spanned the duration of the 5th Parliament; it was dissolved upon the legislature's expiration on 28 May 2020, and it was succeeded by the second Cerwyn cabinet after the Democrats' victory at the 2020 general election.

It was officially known as the 12th government. It was the fourth cabinet to be formed under the Constitution of 2017.[1]


The Democratic Party (HG) was formed in late 2017 as a merger between the Left Alliance and a splinter faction from the National Artists' Guild led by Snø Jens-Galieri.[2][3][4] Due to it inheriting much of the support from the growing Left Alliance and the decreasing popular support for the Artists' Guild, the Democrats became the largest left-leaning force in the 2018 general election, although they fell a seat short of a majority and the Liberal Party managed to form a minority government instead led by incumbent PM Noa Dargany.[5][6]

Due to internal disagreements within the parliamentary party, Dargany was outsted as Liberal leader and eventually as PM by her predecessor, Andrew Blackhorse, who formed the 11th government of Sabia and Verona, now with a slim majority thanks to the two Artist MPs joining the Liberal Party as a result of their own party's dissolution in July 2018.[7][8][9] Blackhorse's administration finally reached an agreement with the Democrats in 2019, when the New Frontier plan went ahead and the territory of Doga Runann was claimed by the Kingdom.[10]

The Liberals were unable to turn their success in the New Frontier negotiations into electoral support, and the Democrats were rewarded with their best-ever result at the 2019 general election, gaining over 55% of the vote and achieving the first parliamentary majority in an election by any political party since 2015.[11]


Portfolio Name Assumed
12th government of Sabia and Verona
Prime Minister Apollo Cerwyn 3 June 2019 incumbent   Democrat
Secretary of Diplomacy
Deputy Prime Minister Snø Jens-Galieri 3 June 2019 incumbent   Democrat
Secretary of Commerce
Secretary of Defense Suipom Goyo 3 June 2019 28 May 2020   Democrat
Secretary of Justice Kastor Gevras Drigy 3 June 2019 incumbent   Democrat
Secretary of the Arts Pomme-Gabrielle Gauvier 3 June 2019 incumbent   Democrat
Secretary of Education Soraya Hreti 3 June 2019 28 May 2020   Democrat
Secretary of Botany Hierba Kebragi 3 June 2019 incumbent   Democrat
Secretary of Welfare