National anthem of Sabia and Verona

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limañ valtirgeninnán
English: March of the Valtirians
LyricsTarik of Kârjasary
MusicCayetano Silva
Adopted19 October 2015
Music samplelimañ valtirgeninnán — dogidrañ sabiann veronarra

limañ valtirgeninnán (Sabian: "March of the Valtirians") is the national anthem of Sabia and Verona. It was adopted in October 2015 to replace the unpopular Valtirgedramê, which had been adopted as anthem a year before in October 2014. The music corresponds to the Argentine patriotic march San Lorenzo march, composed by Cayetano Silva.


The song was chosen to become Sabia and Verona's anthem in a contest held from 15 to 19 October 2015. The decision to change the national anthem had already been made before in a referendum in which 72% of voters stated they disliked the Valtirgedramê, the anthem at the time, and wished to change it. The lyrics were written by King Tarik.

Since its foundation in 2012, Sabia and Verona has had four official anthems: "Harmony", which was chosen in 2012 and served as the Kingdom's anthem until 2014; "Pa, Sabishaveronikou", which was chosen upon the accession of Queen Isadora to the throne, "Valtirgedramê", chosen by the Aishaierovê in late 2014 and limañ valtirgeninnán. In addition, ašorin doga is also commonly recognized as an unofficial anthem of the Kingdom.


The paragraphs in bold are the only ones sung in the abridged version of the anthem.

Sabian lyrics:
tevaltirgenn, vesasu kvešu,
kesiras i limren sinnainán!
toanimená, jarinená,
abaras tretetuná!
tevaltirgenn, xva belas!
nirkarinnená kebraguná barañe
ai bunarase karas egrios!
ai ħrin boxagí se idera suná!
akgu batxu, diná baħúi
valarot i bunaro vaosanei
ai se vexevatokerta
ori hes elót: valtiria sian!
sorgarakán, noarakán,
batamerikann kebragarkiná,
vogbarañinot asaxim kebragu
xevatin erinimená!
san-erikann vexiotán,
isadorat, tarike,
lei sian ñaikaganá
va vesañ i senar! (bis)
nuš dren ramoi boxagai
kuraginn karakasi!
ai valtirgenne aireg
sian aki batušán! (bis)
Literal translation (Sabian):
Ye Valtirians, hear the call:
Rise and march for the Homeland!
For justice, for liberty,
hoist up the Treteté!
Ye Valtirians, the time is now!
The Horn of Nir leads the way,
for all plushkind to take up arms!
For before slavery, we choose death by fire!
From North to South, the sacred name
is honored by all men and plush-kind,
so we don't forget
who she is: our Valtiria!
Through all the mountains, through all the rivers,
trough all the roads of South America,
the seven-pointed star will shine its light on the way,
towards the final victory!
The Twenty of Saint Enric,
Isadora and Tarik,
are our example to follow,
on this day and forever! (bis)
Never again shall we be slaves
to tyrants in Caracas,
For us Valtirians have found
our north in the South! (bis)

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