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Abrelia Prefecture
vaonakurói abreliann
Mon of Abrelia.png
vei ni vexin
(Sabian: "Old and Proud")
ABR-SiV location.png
Location of Abrelia in Sabia and Verona
Country Sabia and Verona
Region Verona
Government Prefecture in an autonomous region
- Prefect Vincent Zadhür (Democrat)
Languages Sabian
Establishment 2012
Population 12 (2015)
Time zone UTC-4:30

The Abrelia Prefecture (Sabian: vaonakurói abreliann) is one of the two prefectures in the Verona region of Sabia and Verona. Though geographically in Verona, Abrelia has traditionally been considered more "culturally Sabian". Most of the prefecture's current territory once belonged to the Salisse prefecture.


The Municipality of Abrelia was founded as part of the plans of the government of Osez Kóvérsz to reform the subdivision of Verona. The Abrelia City Council met for the first time on April 18, 2013, presided over by Lt. Secretary Cameron Green. Verona's important commerce centres and government institutions began to accomodate themselves in Tegula, while Abrelia remained mostly ignored outside the Region.

In August 2014 the southern partr of Abrelia, alongside the Tegulan city of Vigilia became the Special Incorporated Territory of Päzaras. The Salisse city of Agâmilosh and the Bal city of Nel Bâren were incorporated into the new Abrelia Prefecture, making it considerably larger than before. The prefecture's government agreed to move to Agâmilosh in order to make use of the city's available space. With a total population of 18, Abrelia became Sabia and Verona's third-largest prefecture after Salisse and Elinore.

In 2017, with the territorial administration reform, Abrelia became a single-unit division. Its governing council was dissolved, and Vincent Zadhür, its first delegate to the United Assembly of Regions, became Abrelia's prefect.