Ulla Müller

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Ulla F. Müller
1st Lieutenant Secretary of Salisse
In office
20 October 2012 - 20 October 2013
Monarch Ciprian
Governor Tarik Kârjasary
Isadora Annenak
Successor Ernesto DaVilha
3rd President of the Socialist Party
In office
20 October 2013 - 23 February 2014
Vice President Étienne Boulin
General Secretary Vinter Jens
Predecessor Pomme-Gabrielle Gauvier
Successor Party dissolved
Personal information
Birth name Ulla Friederike Müller
Citizenship Sabioveronese
Political party Democratic Party (since 2017)
Other political
Socialist Party (2012–14)
Left Alliance (2014–17)
Religion None (Atheist)
In this traditional Sabian name, Kodavái is the matronymic and Miuler is the family name.

Ulla Friederike Müller MAV (Sabian: ula vederika kodavái miuler) is a Sabioveronese feminist activist, chemist, and retired politician. A prominent leftist, she was active in Sabioveronese politics in the early days of Sabia and Verona, occupying leadership positions in the Socialist Party, of which she was the last President (2013–2014). She also served as Lieutenant Secretary (head of government) of Salisse.

Müller is married to fellow politician and filmmaker Pomme-Gabrielle Gauvier, and through him she belongs to the Gauvier political family, alongside their children, Maximilien and Félix.

Early life

Müller is originally from Hamburg, Germany. She spent much of his early life in Hamburg, living under the Kârjasary household alongside the Jens family. From an early age, she was influenced by left-wing authors, and became a communist before the creation of Sabia and Verona. Before the union with Juclandia (of which she was an avid supporter due to the prominence of socialism and communism blocs in Juclandian politics), she was a member of the Sabia and Verona People's Movement, led by Napoléon Bleuberrie.

Political career

Müller in 2012

Müller was one of the original leaders of the Sabia and Verona People's Party and generally appealed to female members. She was one of the original Legislators that met on October 18, 2012 in the first meeting of the Legislative Courts of Sabia and Verona as representative for the Capital Municipality of Saint Enric (later renamed to Salisse). She also became the Mayor of Saint Enric ad interim, to be later elected democratically. She joined the Sahoedang (Socialist Party) and quickly became its General Secretary, position below his husband, who became Vice President of the Party. Opposition politicians would later say she only obtained such position because of her marriage with Gauvier. During Napoléon Bleuberrie's first term as First Secretary she would be praised by Socialist Propaganda and was known as the "First Fighter of Sabia and Verona", a modification of the title "First Lady" also used in Venezuela by Cilia Flores.

When Bleuberrie lost the December 2012 election, Müller lost her seat in the Legislative Courts but remained Mayor of Saint Enric. Her title was changed to "Lieutenant Secretary" and she became leader of Saint Enric's own city council with Bill #022 on January 1, 2013. On April 2013 the Saint Enric City Council passed a bill renaming the city to "Salisse". The bill would later be ratified by the Legislative Courts. On July 25, 2013 following Bleuberrie's self-coup attempt, Müller became Vice-President of the Socialist Party under her husband, who became President. Gauvier would however quit politics and on October 20, 2013, Müller became the President of the Socialist Party. On the same day, she handed the office of Lt. Secretary of Salisse to Ernesto DaVilha, also of the Socialist Party.

When Sabia and Verona transitioned into a province of the Federal Union of Juclandian Lands, Müller agreed to merge the CM with the KMCW and part of the Roots Party, and the Left Alliance was formed.

Academic work

Since April 30, 2013 Müller teaches regularly at the University of Elinore and has participated in several activities of the University in Salisse. She has made public her intentions to begin a scientific magazine in the region with funding of the Elinore University and the Government of Sabia and Verona, but her projects have been denied by the High Student Council.

Personal life

Müller has been married to Pomme-Gabrielle Gauvier since 2012. The two are both of a strong leftist background, and rose to prominence in Sabioveronese politics together, though they have lived in different places since 2015; Gauvier resides full-time in Alios while Müller still lives in Salisse. They are close friends of Napoléon Bleuberrie and the Jens family (Müller is the godmother of Snø Jens. The couple have two children: Maximilien "Max" and Félix, both of whom are also active in Sabioveronese politics, and live with their father in the Capital. Since 2014, Müller has unofficially retired from political work.

Political offices
Preceded by
New post
Lieutenant Secretary of Salisse
20 October 2012 - 20 October 2013
Succeeded by
Ernesto DaVilha
Preceded by
New constituency
MC for Salisse
18 October 2012 - 1 June 2013
Succeeded by
Party political offices
Preceded by
Party founded
General Secretary of the Socialist Party
26 October 2012 - 25 July 2013
Succeeded by
Dovedán Pashor
Preceded by
Pomme-Gabrielle Gauvier
Vice-President of the Socialist Party
25 July 2013 - 20 October 2013
Succeeded by
Étienne Boulin
Preceded by
Pomme-Gabrielle Gauvier
President of the Socialist Party
20 October 2013 - 24 February 2014
Succeeded by
Party dissolved