University of Elinore

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University of Elinore
Targosinna Elinorinn
Motto Scientia libertas est
Established 2013
Rector Igor Schubert-Moss
Type Public university
Students 41
Location Caenia, Elinore Prefecture
Sabia and Verona
Colors          Latte brown and Green
Animal Southern two-toed sloth (Choloepus didactylus)

The University of Elinore (Sabian: Targosinna Elinorinn), UE is a public research university located in Caenia, Elinore, Sabia and Verona. It is primarily focused on social sciences, yet it does cover health and natural sciences. It was originally founded as the "Free University of Sabia and Verona", but it became the Ue in 2013. It is Sabia and Verona's only university and one of the two educational institutions of the region, along the St. Enric Academy.

At the time of the University's creation, the campus and other University facilities were mostly located in the Free City of Elinore, however following the territorial modifications of 2014 all of the University facilities fell under jurisdiction of the Municipality of Caenia.

The current rector of the University is Igor Schubert-Moss, who headed the original Free University of Sabia and Verona and remained in office following the transition to the Ue. Today, at least 56% of the Sabioveronese population attend or have attended the Ue, making it one of the most extensive public institutions of Sabia and Verona.


The Free University of Sabia and Verona was founded by the Government of Napoléon Bleuberrie in order to attend issues concerning the Sabioveronese education. It was settled in Caenia, and it first opened in November 14, 2012. The Free University counted with little resources and the government could not maintain a budget to supply the University's demands. Soon the project was abandoned. In 2013 the free city of Elinore was founded with territory of the Sabioveronese capital, Saint Enric (now Salisse). With support from the new government of Osez Kóvérsz, the Schubert-Moss family of Caenia helped reviving the institution as the University of Elinore, with Igor Schubert-Moss as Rector. In 2014 Sabia and Verona underwent its third territorial modifications, and the districts of Elinore where the University facilities resided became part of the Municipality of Caenia.


The university counts with three departments, all of which are devoted to academic disciplines and serve also as institutions and research centres.