Saria Josephine

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The Countess of Airujarin
Portrait of Saria as High Priestess Senna
4th Governor of Sabia and Verona
In office
3 November 2014 – 12 July 2015
Monarch Isadora
Prime Minister Bertrand Rivière
Predecessor Tarik Kârjasary
Successor Office abolished
3rd High Priestess of the Pahun
In office
1 January 2013 – 13 September 2013
Predecessor Lajam
Successor Noaeryk
Personal information
Born 31 May 1999 (1999-05-31) (age 25)
Mérida, Venezuela
Citizenship Sabioveronese
Political party Bakinn (2014–16)
Religion Pahunist
Religious styles of
Senna I Ashminasuunu
(January 2013 - September 2013)
Church of the Pahun
Reference style Her Holiness
Spoken style Your Holiness
Alternative style Miisete
In this traditional Sabian name, Nadiavái is the matronymic and Xosefínn is the family name.

Saria Josephine, Countess of Airujarin IOB (Sabian: saria nadiavái xosefínn; born Laura A. G.), known in the Church of the Pahun as Senna I Ashminasuunu is a Sabioveronese politician who served as the last Governor of Sabia and Verona and former Pahunist High Priestess, the highest position of the old hierarchy. During her tenure as High Priestess, the Church saw itself divided into two "schools of enlightment", the Nikolaeist School and the Fäkhist School. Both schools however recognized her as the Church's Supreme Spiritual Leader. On September 2013, she announced she had intentions of stepping down from her office without giving any specific reasons. On 23 February 2014 she became part of the new Senate of Sabia and Verona as part of the Convergence and Amity party, causing controversy due to her position as a spiritual figure.

Early and personal life

She was born in Western Venezuela into a nuclear family of professionals. She has a younger brother and relatives in the North. Josephine is known to be a close friend of Queen Isadora and former Artaghean politician Aina Oehler. Josephine is associated to the Vaaitos Prefecture of Lycem. From 2013 to 2018 she was in a relationship with Dan Ahrot. In 2014, Ahrot obtained Sabioveronese citizenship by entering souxar with Josephine.

Political career

She had previously been a political figure in times of Montriac, but abandoned micronational politics until her rise in the Church of the Pahun. Already as High Priestess, the Church received a massive reception, and it summed followers all across Lycem and Sabia, in contrast to former High Priest Lajam's inactive period. When the Lycene People's Republic was disestablished in June 2013, she was granted Sabioveronese citizenship. She was chosen to be one of the first Senators of Sabia and Verona in February 2014, and she chose to be part of the Convergence and Amity party after meeting party leader Ryam Piper.

She was chosen by Her Royal Highness Queen Isadora on 3 November 2014 to succeed Tarik Kârjasary as Governor of Sabia and Verona.

In 12 July 2015 the position of Governor, alongside the position of Prime Minister and the Legislative Courts were discontinued from the political system of Sabia and Verona, instead being replaced by the transitory position of High Commissioner which was occupied by PM Bertrand Rivière.

Artistic work

Josephine is known for her artistic skills that have been developed over her time in the Church of the Pahun. Her works have been considered few of the religious art present in Sabia and Verona. She was the first artist to make contundent depictions of the Pahun as a figure rather than as an abstract being. The first recorded painting of the Pahun was as a polar bear. The face used in the polar bear was featured in future depictions of the Pahun and has come to be a figure of adoration and praise in both Nikolaeist and Fäkhist schools. The face was named "Fabuloso", and became common among the Nikolaeist School of Pahunism.

Titles and honours

  • Satte, Lady Elector - 23 February 2014 – 1 October 2014
  • Her Grace, the Countess of Airujarin - 1 October 2014