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Custodian of the Pragma and Head of the Juclandian Republic
Greater Coat of Arms of Juclandia
State Flag of the Juclandian Republic
Ciprian of Juclandia

since 23 August 2010 (10 September 2019 as Custodian of the Pragma)
StyleHis Majesty the Custodian of the Pragma (rare)
ResidenceRoyal Palace, Jucărești
Term lengthLife tenure
Inaugural holderCiprian of Juclandia
FormationSeptember 2010 (November 2022)
SalaryNone claimed


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Head of the Republic
Great National Assembly

The Custodian of the Pragma is the constitutionally-designated head of state of the Juclandian Pragma, while the Head of the Republic is the constitutionally-designated head of state of the Juclandian Republic. Since 4 November 2022, the Custodian of the Pragma automatically serves ex officio as Head of the Republic, meaning that the two offices are held by one and the same person.

Ciprian has served as the head of state of Juclandia since 23 August 2010, first as King of Juclandia, and subsequently as Custodian of the Pragma and Head of the Republic.

The head of state undertakes various official, ceremonial or diplomatic duties. He is limited to non-partisan functions such as bestowing honours and appointing the members of the Councils of the Juclandian Republic. Among other powers, the head of state is by law the Commander-in-chief of the Royal Juclandian Army. Though the ultimate formal executive authority over the government of Juclandia is still by and through the King's royal prerogative, these powers may only be used according to the Constitution and the laws enacted in the Great National Assembly.

The 2015 Constitution of Juclandia specifies that no royal decree may become law without the countersignature of the President or the Prime Minister. At the same time, all references to a constitutional monarchy have been removed from the Constitution, and Juclandia can be considered to be a de facto crowned republic.

Constitutional power


From the proclamation of the Kingdom of Juclandia in August 2010 to the constitutional reforms of November 2022, the head of state of Juclandia bore the title of King of Juclandia. The Constitution of 2015 did not provide different titles for different genders, so it was assumed that the head of state would bear the title of King regardless of their gender.

While the title of King was disestablished in November 2022, the institution managing the household of the head of state continues to be called the Royal House of Juclandia. The institution manages the Royal Palace and the budget given to the head of state.

Republican Juclandia

President of the Country of Toys
President of the SDS of Toys
President of the SSDR
President of the SR of Juclandia
Former political post
Coat of arms of Republican Juclandia
First officeholderCiprian C.
Last officeholderGori Jucărescu (Acting)
StyleHis/Her Excellency
Official residencePresidential Palace, Jucărești
Appointerthe people by election
Office began10 September 2001
Office ended23 August 2010

Before the proclamation of the Kingdom in 2010, the head of state of Juclandia was the President. Starting as a strong presidential republic in 2001, it gradually became a parliamentary republic by the end of 2008.

List of heads of state of Juclandia

  Republican head of state
Portrait Name Took office Left office Notes
Country of Toys — President of the Country (2001 – 2005)
1 Ciprian C. September 2001 July 2003 The first head of state of Juclandia.
2 Bestia Reformescu July 2003 July 2005 Won 2003 elections against Pisica Democrescu. Lost in 2005 to Ciprian C.
Socialist Democratic State of Toys / SDS Romania — State President (2005 – 2008)
3 Ciprian C. July 2005 August 2008 After winning elections, proclaimed the Country of Toys a socialist state and imposed a socialist economy. Reunified Jucăreni county with Cipimania.
Socialist Republic of Juclandia — President of the Republic (2008 - 2010)
4 Ciprian C. August 2008 June 2010 Re-elected in 2008; renamed SSDR to the Socialist Republic of Juclandia; instituted market principles within the socialist economy.
Kingdom of Juclandia — HM The King of Juclandia (2010 - 2022)
HM Ciprian August 2010 November 2022 The first and only monarch of Juclandia. The title was gradually abolished from 2019 to 2022. It was permanently abolished on 4 November 2022.
Juclandia — Head of the Juclandian Republic (2022 - present)
Ciprian of Juclandia November 2022 present Although the essence of the office remains unchanged from the previous office of King of Juclandia, and functions under the same constitutional provisions dating back to 2015, the office is now considered republican in nature. The Custodian of the Pragma serves ex officio as Head of the Republic.

Local monarchies

Until 2015, Juclandia was organised as a quasi-federal state in which every province had its own head, usually a Prince in the royal provinces or a President in the republican provinces.

Provinces of Juclandia
Flag Shield Province Title Name Form
Countries of Juclandia
Jucăreşti Prince of Jucărești Ciprian Monarchical
Culinar Princess of Culinar Camelia, Queen Mother Monarchical
Floral Prince of Floral Ciprian Monarchical
Lenia Governor of Lenia Aurelia M. Republican
Nisipeşti N/A N/A N/A
Territories of Juclandia
Paradissi N/A N/A N/A
Câineşti Governor of Câinești Hilda Caniseanu Monarchical devolved
Grădinari Governor of Grădinari Ioana T. Monarchical devolved
Păsăreni Governor of Păsăreni Ilie T. Monarchical devolved
Overseas Territories of Juclandia
Tianita Duke of Tiana Joseph Monarchical
Novolandia King of Novolandia Ciprian Monarchical


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