Batu Party

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Batu Party
LeaderTarik Karjasari
Founded17 June 2019
HeadquartersAlios, Sabia and Verona
IdeologyRai regionalism
Valtirian nationalism
Political positionThird Position
Colors  Pink
Sloganrain rai!
("Rai first!")
1 / 1
Election symbol

The Batu Party (Sabian: batugaki) is an Abeldane regional political party based in Rai, one of the constituent states of Abelden. The word batu means "South" in the Sabian language spoken in Rai, and it is also an acronym for batairañ tairinená userikán ("Southern Board for Justice and Preservation"). It was founded and is currently led by Rai's monarch, Grand Duke Tarik Karjasari.

It was founded in June 2019 after Karjasari left Abeldane Social Ecology. The Batu Party currently holds all seat in the Bok of Rai, the consultative assembly of the Grand Duchy; two of these seats were elected at the June 2020 state election.


It is a monarchist, environmentalist and regionalist political party. The party advocates for the establishment of a bicameral legislature in Abelden to ensure permanent representation for Rai in the Empire's federal government, and stands for the preservation of Rai's green areas. Additionally, Batu supports the continued use of the Sabian language as the Grand Duchy's sole official language, as it understands Rai as part of the "Valtirian nation".

Electoral performance

Election year Votes % Seats won +/- Rank Position Ref.
2020 I 5 100%
2 / 2
2 1st Majority [1]


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