Demirelian National Alliance

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Demirelian National Alliance
LeaderLise Naesheim-Renvik
Founded5 December 2019
HeadquartersVolkania, Demirelia
IdeologySocial Democracy
Political positionCentre-left
Colors  Green and   Black
SloganKonge, Fedreland of Folkets Vell
(King, Fatherland and the People’s well-being)
Seats in the Landsting
2 / 3

The Demirelian National Alliance (Norwegian: Den Demirelske Nasjonalalliansen), often known simply as the National Alliance or DNA is a social democratic and Norwegianist political party in the Abeldane state of Demirelia. It was founded by Statskansler Lise Naesheim-Renvik on 5 December 2019, following the introduction of the Language Law Bill to the Landsting. The party currently holds 2 of the 3 seats in the Landsting.


The National Alliance was founded by Norwegian-speaking members of the Landsting in favour of the Language Law Bill introduced to the Landsting on 5 December 2019. The bill, which gave the Norwegian language precedence over English in government business and titles, divided the assembly and created two blocks, the pro-Language Law National Alliance, and anti-Language Law Demirelian Liberal Party.

On 4 January 2020, the Demirelian National Alliance announced it had signed an electoral alliance with the Party of Royalists and Cooperatism. The agreement entailed joint co-operation, electoral support as well as insurance that no Royalist state branch would be formed in Demirelia. However, the Demirelian National Alliance was ensured that it would remain a completely separate party.

This alliance and partnership would be continued with the PRC’s successor party, the Party of Royalists and Greens. On 4 July 2020 however, exactly 7 months after the agreement was first signed, the PRG merged with the Abeldane National Union to form the National Royalists, which was to be headed by the Demirelian King. As it was seen as improper and compromising for the neutrality of the Demirelian monarchy for the monarch to be the leader of a federal party in alliance with one of the two parties within the state, the DNA made the decision to “amicably withdraw” from the cooperation agreement.


DNA is a centre-left social democratic political party. The party espouses the Nordic model of social and economic governance and is also strongly supportive of the Demirelian monarchy. Norwegianism is also a policy supported by the party, which believes the Norwegian language and culture should have preeminence in Demirelian government and society.

Electoral performance


Election year Votes % Seats won +/- Rank Government
2019 4 66,67%
2 / 3
Steady 1st Majority
2020 I 4 66,67%
2 / 3
Steady 1st Majority