Statskansler of Demirelia

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Statskansler of the
Kingdom of Demirelia
CoA of Demirelia.svg
Lise Naesheim-Renvik

since 29 May 2019
StyleThe Right Honourable
AppointerKing of Demirelia
Term lengthAt His Majesty's pleasure
Inaugural holderMike Lewis
Formation30 June 2016
(as First Minister)

The Statskansler of Demirelia (lit. State Chancellor) is the head of government of the Abeldane federal state of Demirelia. The Statskansler is one of the three members of the Demirelian legislature, the Landsting, acting as the chamber's chair. The Statskansler may be appointed and dismissed at the discretion of the Demirelian monarch. Currently, the office is occupied by The Right Honorable Lise Naesheim-Renvik, who succeeded The Right Honourable Edward Daniels, Statskansler from the 22 April 2018 until the 29 May 2019, when he resigned.

The office was, from it's creation on the 30th June 2016 until the 7th January 2018 named "First Minister", before it's renaming by Royal decree.

List of Statskanslers

Portrait Name Term of office Other offices
held whilst incumbent
Political party Government Monarch
MikeLewis.png The Honourable
Mike Lewis
30 June
28 February
N/A Democratic-Liberty Lewis (I) Patrick I
King of Demirelia
Appointed First Minister by King Patrick I following annexation by Abelden in 2016
(Position then known as First Minister)
Position Vacant
(28 February - 31 December 2017)
Seal of the Statskansler of Demirelia.png The Honourable
Lise Naesheim-Renvik
31 December
22 April
N/A Independent Naesheim-Renvik (I)
Appointed by the King following office vacancy since First Minister Lewis' resignation. Appointed alongside the establishment of the Landsting and end of Demirelian Royal Dictatorship
(Position known as First Minister until 7 January)
File:Ed Daniels 2.jpg The Right Honourable
Edward Daniels
22 April
29 May
N/A Die Rechte Daniels (I)
Replaced the first Naesheim-Renvik ministry. Attempted to promulgate a full written constitution, resigned and transferred his state citizenship on 29 May 2019
Seal of the Statskansler of Demirelia.png The Right Honourable
Lise Naesheim-Renvik
Marchioness of Skyvik
29 May
Incumbent N/A National Alliance Naesheim-Renvik (II)
Formed the second Naesheim-Renvik ministry following the resignation of Edward Daniels