Coat of arms of Abelden

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Imperial and Royal coat of arms of the Abeldane Empire
GCOA AbelCom.png
State Imperial Coat of Arms
ArmigerHI&REM Emperor Stephen
CrestImperial and Royal heraldic crown
EscutcheonDivided into four quarters: first quarter and fourth quarter are taken by three red rampant lions and second and third quarters are taken by a black heraldic eagle and an inescutcheon with the flag of Abelden
SupportersApostolic eagle (St. John the Evangelist) and Wyvern
MottoSemper In Actu (Ever be in act)
OrdersOrder of St. Philip the Apostle
Other elementsCompartment: Pedestal, Mantling: Gules and Argent and Or helm

The Imperial and Royal Coat of Arms of the Abeldane Empire are the sacred symbols used to represent the people and the culture of the Abeldane Empire and the Commonwealth. The arms is divided into three parts: Imperial and Royal Greater arms, Medium and smaller. The coat of arms was made by a request of Kaushik Legata, Baron Reeness and the whole arms were wholly made by His Imperial Majesty, Stephanus.


The former Coat of arms of the Abeldane Empire.

The first version of the coat of arms used a mantle Gules doubled Ermine crowned with the first Imperial crown and tied up with tasseled strings Or. It was designed by His Imperial Majesty, Stephanus. It was not favored by His Majesty and other citizens. A second version of the arms was adopted at August 2014 with two eagle Or as supporters and the arms bearing the Order of the Imperium Abludum. A new version of the arms was adopted at 29 March 2015.


According to the constitution, he purpose of the Greater Coat of Arms is for official documents as such, medium for embassies, passports, public documents, and others as such, and lesser for seals in products, representation of a person to another micronation or country and such.

Purpose for the Commonwealth nations

The coat of arms of the Abeldane Empire won't be the official coat of arms of all nations in the Commonwealth, but each nation will have a separate coat of arms. The greater coat of arms of Abelden will be the greater coat of arms of each Commonwealth nations beside their greater coat of arms.


The greater coat of arms has a purpose for the monarch because it represents the monarch, the people, the government and the entire nation. The greater arms my only be used on special documents, days, and such other things.


The official blazon of the coat of arms is as follows:

Quarterly, first and fourth Gules three lions passant gardant in pale Or armed and langued Gules; second and third quarter Or an eagle displayed Or armed beaked and langued Or; overall an escutcheon Azure and Vert, a bend sinister Argent; the whole surrounded by the Order of St. Philip the Apostle; for a Crest, upon the Royal helm the Imperial and Royal crown Proper; Mantling Gules and Argent; for Supporters, dexter an Apostolic eagle Sable (Eagle of St. John), wings elevated, membered Or, sinister a wyvern Vert Proper. Motto Semper Illic below the shield

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