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Logo of the Demirelian National Alliance

Norwegianism (Norwegian: Norvegianisme) is a political ideology within the Kingdom of Demirelia promoting the preeminence of the Norwegian language and Norwegian culture in state government and cultural identity. The ideology arose at the end of 2019, with the 2019 language question which culminated in the enactment of the 2019 Language Law by the Landsting on 6 December 2019, which made Norwegian the preeminent language of Demirelian government. Norwegianism as an ideology has officially been adopted by the Demirelian National Alliance, the largest and governing party in the state. The ideology is outright rejected and opposed by the opposition pro-English Demirelian Liberal Party.

The ideology has since mid-2021 become embodied by the Norwegianist Party of Oskonia (Norwegian: Norvegianistpartiet) which has committed itself to expand upon the Norwegian culture of the nation.

Logo of the Norwegianist Party