Michael, Prince of Galte

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His Royal Highness
Michael Shepard
Prince of Galte

Michael in April 2021
Coat of Arms of Galte.svg
Prince of Galte
Reign 24 August 2021 – present
Minister-President Christopher Miller
Predecessor Liam Alexander (as King of Galte)
Personal Information
House Shepard
Born September 30, 2005 (2005-09-30) (age 16)
Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA
Birth name Michael Shepard
Citizenship  Galte
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Political party Empire of Oskonia Oskonia Wildrose Party
Religion Judaism

Michael Shepard, born 30 September 2005, is an American born micronationalist and prince of the Principality of Galte.

Early life and personal

Michael was born on 30 September 2005, in Kalamazoo. He was raised in Port Huron, and attended elementary school until 2016 when his family moved to a nearby town about 30 miles south[a]. although he is mostly English, he is also Welsh, Scottish, and Navajo.



Michael first became interested in micronationalism in 2016, when he saw a news report on Molossia. He, along with his brother, began a bedroom kingdom called Plevoria, with a territorial claim of approximately 300 square feet. His brother took the throne as King Chase I, and Michael became prime minister. King Chase quickly moved on from micronationalism, while Michael stayed interested.


Michael had stepped away from micronationalism for about a year, before becoming interested again after playing NationStates. He founded yet another bedroom kingdom called Virfilius. This nation never developed outside of an unsigned Declaration of Independence, and quickly dwindled into non-existence.

Usmuani and Galte

In late 2019, Michael returned to micronationalism for the third time, this time founding the Grand Republic of Usmuani. The Declaration of Independence was signed on 8 December 2019, with him taking on the role of Grand Leader. He drafted a constitution for Usmuani and signed it into law on 14 December 2019. The nation laid dormant until April 2020, when Michael picked the project back up.

When he picked the nation up again, he renamed the nation the Republic of Galte, he began a website for the nation, and completely rewrote the Constitution. He also claimed land to an area other than his bedroom, that area being Low Island in the South Shetland Islands of Antarctica.


The Republic of Galte transitioned into a kingdom on 25 August 2020, following a referendum held by the citizens of Galte. Michael retained his role as head of state and became King. He was officially coronated on August 30, 2020, during a private ceremony.

As king, he oversaw large changes in the nation. The number of citizens began to climb, and a Parliament was established. The establishment of a Parliament was seen as historic in the nation because it was the first successful legislature in Galte's history.

He forfeited his title as King of Galte on 28 November 2020, following Galte becoming a colony of the Kingdom of Atiera. He now holds the title of Prince, with the title of King going to the monarch of Atiera, Munroe I.

On 24 August 2021, Michael revoked his assent from the Galte Bill and made Galte an independent nation again, with himself as the sovereign.

Political views

Michael describes himself as a left-libertarian. In the USA, he aligns himself within the Libertarian Party.

Title, honors, and arms


Michael's common title is:
His Royal Highness Sir Michael Shepard, Prince of Galte

His less commonly used full title is:
His Royal Highness Sir Michael Shepard, Prince of Galte, Officer of the Royal Order of Munroe, Knight of the Order of Atiera, Member of the Order of the North, Member of the Order of the Crowned Star Gold Grand Cross, Recipient of the Medal of Atieran Independence, King of Arms



Michael formally has two sets of arms, those of the Principality of Galte and his personal arms, though he mostly uses his personal arms in any capacity.

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References and notes

  1. The government of Galte works to keep the name of this town private, as it is the official residence of the Prince and his family.