Order of Diplomatic Merit (Northwood-Oregon)

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Order of Diplomatic Merit
Awarded by the
Co-Sovereigns of Northwood-Oregon
TypeState order
Established3 January 2022
StatusCurrently constituted
Co-SovereignsCarson I &
Sarah I
GradesMember Special Class
First induction3 January 2022
Last induction8 January 2022
Total inductees6

Ribbon bar of the Order
(Member Special Class)

The Order of Diplomatic Merit is a state order granted by the Sovereigns of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon to foreign officials for meritious diplomatic service to Northwood-Oregon. It was created on 3 January 2022 by royal decree of Sovereign Carson I of Northwood-Oregon.[1]

Grades and Insignia


The Order of Diplomatic Merit is conferred into two different ranks.

  • Order of Diplomatic Merit Member Special Class (Northwood-Oregon).svg Member Special Class (SDM)
  • Order of Diplomatic Merit Member (Northwood-Oregon).svg Member (DN)

Current inductees

1 James Murray President of the Republic of Avalonia Member Special Class 3 January 2021[2]
2 Charles Burgardt King of the Sayvillians 8 January 2021[3]
3 Tyler Mullins King of New Athens
4 Michal Fryderyk Nowacki Grand Duke of Litvania
5 Dhrubajyoti Roy Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra
6 Michael Shepard Prince of Galte


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