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James Murray

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His Excellency
James Murray II
President of the Republic of Avalonia
1st President of the Republic of Avalonia
Assumed office:
13 August 2021
First Minister Chase I
Predecessor Position established
Honorary Consul of Užupis in Chicago
Assumed office:
21 December 2021
Prime Minister Sakalas Gorodeckis
Minister of Foreign Affairs Tomas Čepaitis
Predecessor Position established
Chair of the Assembly of Chicagoland Micronations
Assumed office:
18 August 2021
Vice-Chair Ian Southwell
Predecessor Position established
Lieutenant Chair of the Cupertino Alliance
Assumed office:
31 January 2022
Chair Carson Snyder
Predecessor Larry Martin
Other political offices
Former offices
Judge of the Supreme Court of Vishwamitra
In office:
15 February 2022 – 4 July 2022
Rashtradhyaksh Varuna Sriraya
Chief Justice Carson Snyder
Predecessor Carson Snyder
Ambassador of Vishwamitra to the Republic of Lithuania
In office:
26 October 2021 – 4 July 2022
Rashtradhyaksh Varuna Sriraya
Predecessor Andreas Rauma
Consul-General of Vishwamitra in Illinois
In office:
21 December 2021 – 4 July 2022
Rashtradhyaksh Varuna Sriraya
Predecessor Jack Morris
Minister of Culture of Litvania
Assumed office:
29 December 2021 – 10 June 2022
Grand Duke Frederick
Predecessor Position Established
Minister of Membership Attainment of the Cupertino Alliance
Assumed office:
16 December 2021 – 31 January 2022
Chair Tyler Mullins
Predecessor Varuna Sriraya
Deputy Minister of Membership Attainment of the Cupertino Alliance
In office:
29 November 2021 – 16 December 2021
Chair Tyler Mullins
Minister Varuna Sriraya
Predecessor Matthew Xia
Personal Information
Born 13 May 2005 (2005-05-13) (age 19)
Chicago, Illinois
Birth name James Murray
Citizenship  United States
Nationality American, Avalonian
Residence City of Avalon, Avalonia
Religion Roman Catholic
Website Government Website
Military service
Allegiance Republic of Avalonia
Service/branch Avalonian Infantry Force
Avalonian Naval Force
Avalonian Tactical Air Command
In service 2021 – present
Rank Field Marshal of the AIF
Admiral of the Fleet of the ANF
Marshal of the ATAC
Commands Commander-in-Chief of the Avalonian Armed Forces

James Murray II (born James Murray; 13 May 2005) is an Avalonian micronationalist, politician, and statesman, serving as the current president of the Republic of Avalonia and the commander-in-chief of the Avalonian Armed Forces. James Murray founded the Republic of Avalonia and proclaimed its sovereignty on 13 August 2021, and serves as Avalonia's first president alongside First Minister Chase I. Murray has served in numerous positions across the micronational community as both a politician and diplomat for numerous nations. Most notably, he is the Honorary Consul of Užupis in Chicago, as well as being a representative in other nations. He is also active within the Cupertino Alliance, where he serves as the Minister of Membership Attainment. Murray has announced his candidacy for the 2022 Cupertino Alliance Chair election, running as Lieutenant Chair alongside Carson Snyder. James Murray currently resides in Chicago, Illinois, where he attends school and hosts several diplomatic missions. He currently holds micronational citizenship within the Republic of Avalonia, the Republic of Užupis, and the Cheskgariyan-Litvanian Commonwealth.

Early life

James Murray was born in Chicago, Illinois on 13 May 2005, where he grew up and currently resides. He also spent much of his childhood in Wisconsin, visiting the now formally established territory of the Republic of Avalonia. Murray grew up as a Roman Catholic, which greatly influenced his studies and outlook on life. Throughout his childhood, Murray also visited his family in Lithuania, which played a significant role in shaping his ethnic and cultural identity. Murray still celebrates many aspects of his Lithuanian identity, and his experiences traveling in Europe helped to shape his political viewpoints.

Diplomatic career

James Murray has been involved in diplomacy outside of the micronational community. Murray is a special projects volunteer with the Lithuanian Consulate in Chicago and attends many Lithuanian-American cultural events in the greater Chicago area. Murray is also a research intern working within the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

Micronational career

President of the Republic of Avalonia

On 13 August 2021, James Murray founded and proclaimed the sovereignty of the Republic of Avalonia and signed the nation's declaration of independence from the United States of America.[1] Murray founded Avalonia upon strong ideals of free political, cultural, and creative expression.[2] From that date, he has served as the incumbent president of the nation and the commander-in-chief of the Avalonian Armed Forces, where he serves as the Field Marshal of the Avalonian Infantry Force, the Admiral of the Fleet of the Avalonian Naval Force, and the Marshal of Avalonian Tactical Air Command. Murray is the de facto autocrat of the nation, which formally functions as a liberal autocracy, where decisions are made in a non-democratic political system. Within the nation, Murray retains absolute control over the state and government alongside the Avalonian Council of State which serves as the president's cabinet comprised of department ministers. Through his role as the president, Murray retains the unparalleled power to alter institutional powers and responsibilities, pass legislation, veto presented legislation, and serve as Avalonia's primary diplomat and ambassador in regards to all state-related external affairs. Despite his autocratic rule over the nation, Murray institutes a progressive form of governance that guarantees civil liberties, personal freedom, freedom of expression, and the creation of civil society. Murray is joined by the First Minister, Chase I, who serves as the second-highest member of the Avalonian government. Murray appointed Chase to the position on 23 September 2021, succeeding Dietrich, who serves as the incumbent Minister of Defense and second-in-command of the AAF.

Republic of Užupis

James Murray currently serves as the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Užupis in Chicago after being appointed by Tomas Čepaitis, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, on 21 December 2021.[3] Murray visited Užupis in the summer of 2021, where he fell in love with the culture and history of the micronation and its community. Shortly after, Murray declared his citizenship, which was formalized upon his appointment as a diplomat to the country. As part of his position as the Honorary Consul in Chicago, Murray reports to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ambassador of Užupis for the United States, Mr. Howard Cort. Murray has the power to suggest the appointment of other consuls in Chicago, as well as establish an embassy in Chicago. As part of his position, Murray is also able to participate in the Užupis University, where he is expected to lecture for the Faculty of Around and Within Micronations.[4] Murray is also helping to prepare for the upcoming Užupis tour in the United States, where the delegation is expected to visit Chicago. Murray has also been in talks with Čepaitis regarding establishing a Treaty of Mutual Recognition between Užupis and the Republic of Avalonia.[5]

Assembly of Chicagoland Micronations

On 18 August 2021, James Murray acting through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Avalonia, founded the Assembly of Chicagoland Micronations alongside the Holy Republic of FRID. Murray originally founded the Assembly of Chicagoland Micronations in an attempt to reform the Des Plaines Valley Sector, an area in Chicago with a high density of micronations and micronational activity. When the Des Plaines Valley Sector became defunct following the summer of 2021, Murray intended to reorganize micronational activity in and surrounding the Chicagoland area. Murray reached out to notable members of the DPVS and leaders of other surrounding micronations to establish the organization. Murray serves as the incumbent chair of the assembly along with Ian Southwell, the organization's co-chair, and Cole Baird, the organization's Executive Director.[6] Murray formally opened the ACM's First General Assembly on 14 December 2021, where he acted as the speaker of the session. Within the ACM, Murray, through his role as chair, is responsible for the management and delegation of tasks to the board of five directors of the First General Assembly and the Second Specialized Committee, of which Murray serves as the director of the Subcommittee of Economic Development.

State of Vishwamitra

James Murray is a member of the diplomatic staff of the State of Vishwamitra, which reports to the Ministry of External Affairs. Murray was granted honorary citizenship to Vishwamitra upon his appointment as a diplomat to the state. On 26 September 2021, he was appointed by Varuna Sriraya, to serve as the Ambassador to the Republic of Lithuania, the non-resident head of the royal diplomatic mission in Lithuania.[7] The diplomatic mission is headquartered in the resident city of Murray in Chicago, Illinois. Murray was appointed as the head of the diplomatic mission following the discharge of his predecessor, Andreas Rauma, the previous head of the diplomatic mission and the Consul-General of Vishwamitra in Vermont. Three months later, on 21 December 2021, Murray was appointed by the Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra to serve as the Consul-General of Vishwamitra in Illinois following the discharge of his predecessor, Jack Morris, the previous Consul-General.[8] Murray hosted the diplomatic mission in his office in Chicago. Murray was also a member of the Crystal Jubilee Committee, which has prepared plans for the upcoming 15th anniversary of the nation.[9] From 15 February 2022, Murray also served as Judge of the Supreme Court until 4 July 2022, when he renounced his offices.

Cupertino Alliance

James Murray currently serves as the primary and sole delegate for the Republic of Avalonia in the Cupertino Alliance. Avalonia was admitted as an observer to the alliance on 2 November 2021, before being upgraded to full membership following a vote on 24 November 2021. Five days later, on 29 November 2021, James Murray was appointed as Deputy Minister of Membership Attainment for the Cupertino Alliance, under Varuna Sriraya, former Chair of the Cupertino Alliance and serving as the Minister of Membership Attainment.[10] On 16 December 2021, Roy resigned from his position, and James Murray was appointed by the incumbent chair, Tyler Mullins, to serve as Minister of Membership Attainment.[11] On 28 December 2021, nominating bids for the January 2022 Cupertino Alliance Chair election opened. Murray announced his candidacy for the Lieutenant Chair position,[12] running alongside Carson Snyder, delegate for the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon, incumbent Superior Judge, and chair candidate.[13] Results for the election were released on 25 January 2022, certifying the victory of Carson Snyder and James Murray with a supporting vote of 73.1%.[14] Murray took office as the Lieutenant Chair on 1 February 2022, the end of incumbent Chair Tyler Mullins’ term.

Cheskgariyan-Litvanian Commonwealth

James Murray received citizenship to the Cheskgariyan-Litvanian Commonwealth on 18 December 2021, originally becoming a part of the nation due to its similarity to Lithuanian tradition and culture. Murray was appointed as the State Minister of Culture for the Grand Duchy of Litvania on 29 December 2021 by Frederick, Grand Duke of Litvania, through which he became a member of the Sejmik of Litvania.[15] On 10 June 2022, Murray was appointed as Chancellor of the Crown Council.

Avalon Institute and Foreign Policy Research Center

Acting through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Avalonia, James Murray established the Avalon Institute and Foreign Policy Research Center on 11 November 2021, an Avalonian-affiliated research institute with the goal to provide objective news coverage and in-depth reporting on intermicronational affairs.[16] Murray manages the Avalon Institute's Public Policy Research Center: a micronational interdisciplinary government and social policy research organization. Since its foundation, Murray has served as the Avalon Institute's editor-in-chief, managing a small group of staff, writers, and editors.[17] Murray also manages the institute's external outreach efforts and coordinates with organizations such as the Grand Unified Micronational and Cupertino Alliance when reporting on events within the organizations. Murray served as the delegate for the Avalon Institute within the Grand Unified Micronational, which was accepted on 31 January 2021 with organization observer status. Murray is the primary contributor to the Avalon Institute.

Foreign state visits

In August 2021, James Murray and members of his diplomatic staff visited the Republic of Užupis, a micronation-neighborhood largely located in Vilnius Old Town, Lithuania. To date, this visit is the only external micronation Murray has visited in an official capacity. In 2018, Murray met with Dalia Grybauskaitė in an informal capacity, a Lithuanian politician who served as the eighth President of Lithuania from 2009 until 2019. Murray plans to visit the Republic of Užupis on a yearly basis as a part of his diplomatic mission in Chicago.

Political views

James Murray is very active within United States political culture, and politically identifies as a Social Democrat. He is a strong supporter of the Democratic Party of the United States. He is interested in studying and pursuing a career in political science and human rights law. Murray is an internationalist, and frequently vocalizes his support for international regulatory organizations, most notably the United Nations and the European Union. Murray believes and advocates for increased government intervention into issues regarding discriminatory and predatory business practices, environmental regulation and advocacy, and social welfare and citizen support programs. Murray is a supporter of the Nordic model, a political and economic system of governance in which public services and social investment are promoted and incentivized within a market-based mixed economy, incorporating elements of regulated capitalism with a universalist welfare state. Murray is also active within the Lithuanian political system, coming from a Lithuanian ethnic background and spending much time abroad in Europe.


James Murray has received numerous national honors through his role as the president of Avalonia and for services to the state, its foundation, and the Avalonian Armed Forces. In addition to his national honors, he is the recipient of several foreign and institutional distinctions which were granted on him for his distinguished services as a diplomat, politician, and representative of Avalonia in different states.

National honors

Ribbon bars of James Murray

Foreign honors

Litvanian honours
Former honours
Vishwamitran state honours

Organizational honors


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