Order of the Foxtail Orchid

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The Most Eminent
Order of the Foxtail Orchid
परम प्रसिद्ध दर्ज़ह कपौ ओरखिड
Param Prasiddha Darjah Kapou Orkhid

Badge of the Order of the Foxtail Orchid
Awarded by the

Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra
EligibilityIndividuals with many years of outstanding accomplishments, particularly in public and political life.
StatusCurrently constituted
SovereignHIllRM The Rashtradhyaksh
ChancellorFarhaz Hazarika
GradesGrand Cordon
First induction25 October 2022
Rajpramukh Emeritus Mridul Amin
Last induction30 July 2023
Matthew Tonna, President of Melite
Total inductees14
Next (higher)Supreme Order of the Hibiscus
Next (lower)Order of the Crown of Vishwamitra

Ribbon bar of the order

The Most Eminent Order of the Foxtail Orchid (Hindi: परम प्रसिद्ध दर्ज़ह कपौ ओरखिड‎, Param Prasiddha Darjah Kapou Orkhid) is the second highest order of chivalry of the State of Vishwamitra ranking after the Supreme Order of the Hibiscus. It was created on 24 October 2022[1] by Rashtradhyaksh Varuna Sriraya through his royal decree numbered 247-2022 under the various reforms initiated to the federal honours system.

The order, being the second highest, is traditionally conferred upon eminent statesmen both serving and former, and to foreign heads of state and government whose services to the nation are highly recognized and worthy but not as compared to those inducted to the Supreme Order of the Hibiscus. The order may also be conferred on a serving Prime Minister of Vishwamitra, Members of the Privy Council, etc. only if they have completed continuous six months in office.

The composition and induction criteria of the order is highly inspired and based upon the Japanese Order of the Paulownia Flowers and is named after the Foxtail Orchid flower which is the state flower and cultural icon of the Indian state of Assam.


The now-defunct, Order of the Lotus, was created as the second highest order by the first Rashtradhyaksh Tanishkaa Patranabish on 3 July 2020 initially to confer upon the rulers of the states and foreign heads of state in three grades of Grand Collar, Grand Cross, and Commander and later her successor Varuna Sriraya amended the royal decree creating two more grades to the structure of Officer and Member. However, in October 2022, there were several proposals for a much streamlined honours system and subsequently the privy council deliberated and discussed on several options regarding the proposals. Finally, it was decided by the Rashtradhyaksh that the Order of the Lotus along with all the other federal chivalric orders shall be disestablished and replaced by other appropriate orders.

The Order of the Foxtail Orchid was thereby created as a replacement to the Order of the Lotus and thus became the nation's second highest order.


The Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra as the fons honorum is the sovereign of the order and all the deeds of the order must bear their approval and decree. The order is bestowed in single grade of Grand Cordon. and the regular recipients shall bear the post-nominal letters of "D.K.O." while honorary recipients bear the post-nominals of "D.K.O.(M)". All recipients are be eligible to receive an armorial achievement surrounded by the insignia of the order.

Both regular and honorary recipients are entitled to bear the pre-nominal honorific title of Maha Sri (for males) and Mahi Sri (for females). The order is limited to only 40 living recipients at any time including both the substantive and honorary recipients.


The insignia of the order shall comprise the sash of the order and the badge or star.

  • The sash of the order is white with a rose-pink central stripe to which the star of the order is hung attached with the crown of Vishwamitra.
  • The badge of the order is an eight-pointed red star with golden designs placed over a silver badge. Over the star is a floral design in gold and the lettering "ORDER OF  • FOXTAIL ORCHID" and the insignia of the foxtail orchid or Rhynchostylis retusa in gold in the center.
Insignia of the Most Eminent Order of the Foxtail Orchid
Sash Badge



Recipients (D.K.O.)

The following are the recipients of the Grand Cordon grade of the Order of the Foxtail Orchid.

Honorary recipients (D.K.O.(M))

The following are the honorary recipients of the Grand Cordon grade of the Order of the Foxtail Orchid.

Armorials (selective)

Armorials of the Most Eminent Order of the Foxtail Orchid
Honorary recipients

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