Vincent I, Sovereign Prince of Hélianthis

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Vincent I
Reigning Prince of Hélianthis
Reigning Prince of Hélianthis
Reign1 june 2013 - present
PredecessorThrone established
Heir apparentMaud of Hélianthis,
Countess of Blaye
Deputy Secretary for Human Rights
Assumed office
5 June 2015
Preceded byOffice established
Born26 June 1995 (1995-06-26) (age 28)
Pellegrin Hospital, France
FatherPhilippe Merchadou, Grand Duke of Hélianthis
MotherChantal Schmitt, Grand Duchess of Hélianthis

Vincent of Helianthis (born 26 June 1995) is the founder and head of state of the Principality of Hélianthis. He is one of the co-founders of the MicroFrancophonie and he has been named for its second consecutive time to Deputy Secretary for Human Rights mandate. Well known for its disapproval of the failure to respect human rights and discrimination, he is the author of a manifesto for the opening of marriage for persons of the same sex in France. Today, he's considered the most important micronationalist of the french west.


Whose real name is Vincent Paul Christophe Merchadou, born in Bordeaux on 26 June 1995, he is a law student at the Montesquieu University of Bordeaux IV. Prince Vincent grew up in the lush setting of the Citadel of Blaye with his twin brother, Prince Ludovic and their older sister, Princess Maud. The Prince is passionate about history and politics.

Commitment and Mandate

The Prince was elected seven times to the mandate Representative class and is considered Distinguished Delegate. Very popular, the Administrative Council of the College Sebastien Vauban invited him to sit on the council. He joined the child City Council and is nominated by the Council as Extra-Municipal. He graduated "Honorary Councillor of the City of Blaye" on 24 October 2008 by the new mandate of the Mayor, Denis Baldès. He became leader of the Association "The House of High School Students" at high school Sebastian Vauban who organizes events and parties in the wake of the resignation of the Administrative Council of the association as a transient Co-President.

He made equality between homosexuals and heterosexuals are "workhorse". He takes position in favor of the equality of all in marriage. Reform of Education incorporates a test of Law and Contemporary Issues Department of the World when he decided to present during the examination of Bachelor burning theme of "The adoption in homosexual couples." He ends valedictorian of his class in this examination.

Prince participated 21 March 2014 at the 11th International Gala of Students in Bordeaux.


He became, as Vincent I, the reigning Prince of Helianthis. He succeeds the former Prince of Blaye, Prince Geoffrey IV of Blaye (1245-1319).

The Prince made his first state visit to Aigues-Mortes during his participation in Grand Ball Princesse le Golden Bucket on 26 September 2015 where he met his counterpart from Camargue, Prince Jean-Pierre IV of Aigues-Mortes and where he met Emperor Olivier of Angyalistan and Queen Carolyn I of Ladonia. The Prince represented the Principality of Helianthis at the very first summit of the MicroFrancophonie Organization held at the headquarters of the Organization in Aigues-Mortes. Also present at the event were Grand Duke Niels of Flanders, Emperor Olivier d'Angyalistan, President Dominique Desaint of Saint-Castin, Stéphane Monerville of the Fomoire Institute, Viceroy of the Sea of ​​Atlantis and Prince Jean-Pierre IV of Aigues-Mortes.

He engages a policy of tourism development of the blayais region and develops charitable partnerships.

Relations on the micronational scene

The Prince is known on the micronations stage for his discretion and rigor. He intervenes rarely on the debates and conflicts but promotes a peaceful dialogue.

Co-founder of the OMF

Co-founding member of the creation of the OMF, the Prince participated in the Commission of the statutes of the institution Charter and was in charge of the preamble, presentation and basic principles, input methods and the General Assembly of the MicroFrancophonie. The Prince occupies since 5 June 2015, the Deputy Secretary of responsibility for human rights, assisted in his duties by the Hélianthaine Minister of the Francophonie. He supports for an strong organization on the micronational scene for the influence Francophone micronations and cooperation policy. He is opposed to a integration policy of micronations and is a ferving defender of the independence of each micronation.

Titles and honors


  • 26 June 1995 - 1 June 2013: Mister Vincent Merchadou
  • 1 June 2013 - present: His Serene Highness the Reigning Prince of Hélianthis

Complete Titulature

Vincent Merchadou receives 7 August 2009 the title of Knight of Thouet after staying at Aubigny.

  • His Serene Highness, the Reigning Prince Vincent I of Hélianthis, Duke of Montfagnet, Marquis of Pästey, 3rd Earl of Blaye, Viscount Merchadou, Baron von Schmitt and Knight of Thouet; Sovereign Grand Master of the Prince's Order of the Grand Cross of St. Paul, Grand White Deer of National Merit

Decorations as Reigning Prince

  • Grand Master of the Prince's Order of the Grand Cross of St. Paul
  • Grand White Deer of the Princely Order of White Deer

Foreign decorations