List of honours of Vishwamitra awarded to heads of state, government, royalties and other individuals

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This article serves as an index – as complete as possible – of all the honorific orders or similar decorations awarded by Vishwamitra, classified by Monarchies chapter and Republics chapter, and, under each chapter, recipients' countries and the detailed list of recipients.


Vishwamitra Vishwamitran Royal Families

Vishwamitran citizens

Karnia-Ruthenia Karno-Ruthenian Imperial Family

Austenasia Austenasian Imperial Family

United Kingdoms of Greater Monmark Monmarkian Imperial Family

Huai Siao Huai Siao Imperial Family

Imvrassia Imvrassian Imperial Family

Empire of Paravia Paravian Imperial Family

Empire of Kapreburg Kapresh Imperial Family

VA Flag2.png Villa Alician Imperial Family

Abeldane Empire Abeldane Imperial Family

Civil Flag of Imperium Aquilae.png Aquilae Imperial Family

Οβρελστία.png Ovrestlian Imperial Family

Union of Millania and New Granada El Doradan Imperial Family

Republic of Yu-Xia Yu-Xian Imperial Family

Housgurd.png Hausgurd Imperial Family

Commonwealth of Essexia Essexian Imperial Family

Essexian citizens

Ebenthal Ebenthali Royal Family

Ebenthali citizens

Ikonia Ikonian Royal Family

Queensland Queenslandian Royal Family

Queenslandian citizens

Baustralia Baustralian Royal Family

Kingdom of Pibocip Pibocian Royal Family

Sildavia Sildavian Royal Family

Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall Hrafnarfjallian Royal Family

Cheskgariya-Litvania Cheskgariyan and Litvanian Royal Families

Cheskgariyan-Litvanian citizens

Kingdom of Lytera Lyteran Royal Family

Stratton Flag.png Strattonian Royal Family

Northern Paraguay.jpg Kingdom of Northern Paraguay

Flag of Vlasynia.png Vlasynian Royal Family

CivilFlagQV.jpeg Quinta Velhan Royal Family

Atiera Atieran Royal Family

The Flag of The Begonian KaiserreichSVG.svg Begonian Royal Family

Revalian flag.png Revalian Royal Family

Northwood-oregon (2).svg Northwoodian and Oregonian Royal Families

Flagofkudawan.png Kudanese Royal Family

KWPFlag.svg Waterside Park Royal Family

Fronecolands.png Fronecos Royal Family

Reino de Atlia Atlian Royal Family

West Sayville West Sayvillian Royal Family

West Sayvillian citizens

Archduchy of Mimas Mimasian Archducal Family

Mimasian citizens

Commonwealth of Naveria Naverian Grand Ducal Family

Unified Royal States of Australis Australissian Grand Ducal Family

Principality of New Lubenia New Lubenian Princely Family

Uberesse.png Uber-Essian Vice-regal Family

Misberian Confederacy Misberian Imperial Family

Kaleido.jpeg Kaleido Royal Family


 Snagovian Federal Republic

 Socialist Republic of Brittany

Micronation of the AVR.jpg Micronation of the Avigation Vision of Radiator

 Republic of Molossia

Angosvria.png Southern Confederation of Angosvria

 Commonwealth of Dracul

Flag of Aswington.png Republic of Aswington

 Commonwealth of New Virginia

Obscurium Flag.png United Republic of Obscurium

Flag scoria.png Republic of Scoria

Flag of Arsalania.svg People's Republic of Arsalania


 Gymnasium State

 Poplar Nerva

Flag of GSMLL.svg Republic of Upper Shwartz Morgen Lorgen Land

Republic of istriei.PNG.png Republic of Istria

Flag of the Governorate of Græcia.png Governorate of Græcia

Nexan Flag.jpg Nexan Republic

 Desert District

 Jusin Republic

Flag of Sinhankon.png Republic of New Hanchih

The Flag of the People's Republic of Adonia December 2020.png People's Republic of Adonia

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  1. Princess Anoushkaa was conferred the award in the grade of Member Special Class on 3 July 2020.
  2. His Royal Highness Prince Olaf I was conferred with the Order of the Lotus as Governor-General Thed Helgi of New Lubenia.
  3. Gustavo Essedin Gamee was conferred with the Grand Cross of the Most Honourable Order of the Lotus in his capacity of the Prime Minister of the former Bravian Confederation of Gugutanea.