Herbatrean Republic

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Herbatrean Republic

Herbatrea Forever
Herbatrea, our nation and our home
Central England
Capital cityPancrachynoweth
Largest cityHerbazona
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Independent Catholicism
Short nameHerbatrea
GovernmentSemi-Presidential Federal Republic
- PresidentRipley Thomas
- Vice-President and Prime ministerJohn Hill
LegislatureHerbatrean Parliament
- Upper HouseHerbatrean Senate
- Lower HouseHerbatrean Assembly
- Last election - 31 December 2017
EstablishedIndependence declared: 22 June 2005
Area claimed32.17 km2
Population288 - 246 Citizens, of which 142 are resident, 104 non-herbatrean residents.
CurrencyHerbatrean Thu and Herbatrean Shilling
Time zoneGMT (with no summer time)


Herbatrean Flag
Herbatrean Coat of Arms

The Herbatrean Republic, commonly known as Herbatrea, is an European enclaved micronation surrounded by the United Kingdom, mainly situated on the island of Great Britain.

Herbatrean Thu, Official Currency of the Herbatrean Federation

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