House of Banks

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House of Banks

The COA of the House The COA of Royal Members of the House
Country Kingdom of Lytera
TitlesKing of Lytera
Current headLord John Banks Sr.
Founding1000 (estimated earliest date)

The House of Banks is the ruling house of the Kingdom of Lytera, The current head of the Lyteran branch of the House (and, at present, the only traceable head of the house overall) is Lord John Banks Sr.

At present, Duke Matthew, former King of Lytera is the youngest member of the House, though the current monarch, Amelia I is the last in the line of succession within the house. The House of Reynolds and House of Houghton are next in line to the throne, though this will change if the Monarch has children.

Members & History

While Duke Michael and Duchess Karen are still working on piecing together the history of the house, it is known that the house has ancestry in Ireland, with many Banks's coming over from Ireland in the 1800s. Due to Duke Robert of Forrest's sister, however, it is believed that the House of Banks has links all the way back to Catherine Parr, Henry the Eighth of England's wife. Earlier links are sketchy, but it is believed the House has links to Norman, French, German and Polish Nobility from around the 1000s.

The Lyteran Branch of the House of Banks is considered to start with Lord John Banks Senior, and proceeds as follows:

  • Earl John Sr. (born 1949) m. Countess Sheila (b. 1949)
    • Duke Michael (born 1971) m. Duchess Karen (b. 1971)
    • Earl John Jr. (born 1974)
    • Countess Pamela (born 1980) m. Viscount Graham (b. 1983)
      • Dame Mia (born 2001)1

1 Due to Pamela not marrying Mia's father, Mia is of the House of Hulland-Banks, and is included here for conveniences sake. She desires no part in ruling Lytera due to bad relations with most of the Banks and Reynolds family (with the notable exception of Amelia) , so is not included in the line of succession.

Recent History

In 2010, Lytera was officially founded, with Grand Duke Amelia as the head. Officially, the country was run by High Regent Marion of the House of Bayliss. With Amelia as the co-head of state, the House of Banks was decreed to be in the line of succession, with the House of Bayliss to take over if needed. In 2012, with the Marriage of Lady Pam to Lord Graham of the House of Reynolds, the House made a deal that it would move into second in line to the throne. This was due to the diminishing members of the House of Bayliss, who (as of 2019) consists of only three people. Duke Matthew was King briefly in 2017 when Lytera reformed, but was deposed by the House of Reynolds and Banks together, removing him from the succession. It is highly expected that King Amelia or Duke Matthew will have children, so the line will stick with the House of Banks, however, this is not certain.

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House of Banks
Founding year: 1000
Preceded by
Kingdom Established
Ruling House of the Kingdom of Lytera
2010 - 2017 (Alongside the House of Bayliss)
2017 - Present
Succeeded by