Lyteran Monarchy

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Monarch of The Kingdom of Lytera
Lytera coa.png

Alex I
since 21 August 2017

Style Majesty
Heir apparent Prince Owen
First monarch HR Marion (Co-Ruler with Alex)
Formation 2010
19th August 2017
Residence Cavendish Palace

The Lyteran Monarchy, legally called as the Imperial Crown, is the government household that compromises the Monarch of the Kingdom of Lytera and the entire Imperial Lyteran Family. The title of the monarch is King for male, Monarch for Non-Binary or other genders, and Queen for female. The current monarch of the Kingdom of Lytera is TRM Alex I since 21 August 2017.


The monarch has the power to:

  • The power to control the government
  • The power to give titles to people
  • The power to appoint the King's Council
  • The power to issue Royal decrees
  • The power to veto any law proposed by the King's Council
  • The power to declare war
  • The power to start diplomatic relations
  • The power to issue corporal punishment

Royal Family Titles

  • King/Queen/Monarch - Ruler
  • Queen/Prince Consort - Ruler's partner
  • Grand Duke - No longer in use, former titles of Kings Alexander and Matthew.
  • High Regent - No longer in use, former title of Marion, head of the Regency Council
  • Prince/Princess - One of the Monarch's designated successors.(Or married to them)
  • Duke/Duchess - Honorary title given to people by the King.
  • Marquess/Marchioness - Honorary title given to people by the King/Divorced from a Duke/Duchess/Prince/Princess/Monarch.
  • Earl/Countess - Honorary title given to people by the King.
  • Viscount/Viscountess - Honorary title given to people by the King.
  • Baron/Baroness - Honorary title given to people by the King/Governor of a region of Greater Cavendish.
  • Lord/Lady - Used for King's Council members who aren't permanent.
  • Dame/Knight - Used for awards/special cases.

Houses of the Royal Family

As of September 2019, Five Houses make up the Lyteran Imperial Family. Of these five, three have claims to the throne, and the two without claims have no heirs, and are predicted to be extint in the future.

  • House of Banks - The Main House, comprises the largest part of the family. Two of the monarchs of Lytera have been of this house.
  • House of Reynolds - The Secondary House. Has the most potential successors to the Throne.
  • House of Houghton - The Newest Royal House, took the House of Bayliss's claim to the throne on September 20th 2019 after the Royal Wedding.
  • House of Bayliss - The only house aside from the House of Banks to have a monarch on the throne. Had a claim to the throne until 2019.
  • House of Forrest - The smallest house, and the only one with no claims to the throne.


Lytera's monarchy is a confusing tale. Until 2017, TRM Alex I was technically King, and was addressed as such, however, High Regent Marion, Regent of Lytera was officially in charge. The monarchy of the Kingdom of Lytera as it currently runs was established on the 19th of August, 2017 with the declaration of right by King Matthew. King Matthew attempted to clamp down on any dissident thinking, and led a two day reign of terror. After a argument with Grand Duke Alex, he attempted to capture the Duke, but the Duke escaped, and rounded up his cousins, who were visiting. On the 21st of June, King Matthew was ousted from power after a day long battle. Alex was crowned in the ruins of what would later become Koi Lake.

The terms of the treaty made Matthew be demoted to Duke, and lose his right to the throne. Until 2018, distrust still existed between the two, though improved relations have begun to shine through. After the Octoberist Coup Plot, Duke Matthew was stripped of his titles once again. The King's cousins are the current expected successors, and are well trusted by the king.

List of Monarchs

Name Lifespan Reign start Reign end Total reign Notes House Image
High Regent Marion (Co-Ruler with Alex) 1 November 1919 - 1 November 2017 12 January 2010 19 August 2017 2776 days Head of the Council of Regents
King Came Of Age to Rule
House of Bayliss,Banks and Forrest
Grand Duke Alex (Co-Ruler with Marion) 3 October 2002 12 January 2010 19 August 2017 2776 days House of Banks
King Matthew 19 August 2007 19 August 2017 21 August 2017 2 days Lineal Descendant
Forced Abdication
House of Banks
Alex I 3 October 2002 21 October 2017 1354 days Collateral Descendant House of Banks


As of the Monarchical Decree in 2018, the succession to the Crown is linear, with the current monarch's children getting the rights to the throne. However, as the King lacks children, the rights then fall to his cousins. Gender has no precedence, the succession order is based on age. On December 25th, it was announced Owen had replaced Megan as Crown Prince.

Full line of succession

House of Banks

House of Reynolds

House of Houghton

The Gray Crown designates a former monarch. The Red and Gold crown designates the current monarch.


  • The Monarch is addressed as His/Her Holy and Royal Highness (HHRH) in formal way, His/Her Majesty in a shortened way, and the King/Queen in a informal way.
  • Members of the family with the title of Prince or Princess may be adressed as His/Her Royal Highness (HRH) in a formal way, or Prince/Princess in a shortened, informal way.
  • Members of the family with any other title are simply referred to by that title (IE: Duke)